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Keystone XL

The Army Corps is not responding to an EPA scientist's letter about 61 water crossings in Texas as the White House works to expedite pipeline approval.
An EPA letter that was once a mere blip on the radar for the Keystone XL oil pipeline may now be...
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Long involvement in Canada's tar sands has been central to Koch Industries' evolution and positions the billionaire brothers for a new oil boom.
Over the last decade, Charles and David Koch have emerged into public view as billionaire...
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The Keystone XL is just one of many pipelines in the works to export Canadian heavy oils to global markets.
As debate over the future of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline continues to boil in Congress and...
04/30/2012 | Read More
Nebraska landowners say their primary goal to protect the region's water supply was forgotten in the focus only on the Sandhills.
It wasn't that long ago that the people of Holt County, Neb. thought they had made a real impact on...
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Opponents say legislation would undercut a tougher law passed in November.
Nebraska's legislature is expected to pass a bill on Wednesday that would ease the way for...
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With one eye on the polls and the other on energy goals, Obama appears conflicted and confounded by greenhouse gas emissions.
WASHINGTON—Those expecting a consistent climate change message from the White House are having...
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Mining and using tar sands oil creates more greenhouse gas emissions than conventional oil. But that's rarely mentioned anymore.
When President Obama traveled to Cushing, Okla. last week to declare his support for building the...
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Map used to define Nebraska Sandhills doesn't include nearby areas also vulnerable to contamination, InsideClimate News has learned.
"A relatively modest jog around the Sandhills"—that's how one TransCanada executive describes the...
03/14/2012 | Read More
TransCanada says it has most of the state permits it needs, but no one knows which federal agency will oversee the project's final environmental review.
TransCanada's decision last week to build the southern half of the rejected Keystone XL has raised...
03/06/2012 | Read More
Court challenges likely if Congress passes legislation to dictate the pipeline’s future.
WASHINGTON—Congressional Republicans are floating a handful of measures to override President Obama...
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