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Keystone XL

Demonstrators protest against the Keystone XL pipeline outside an Obama fundrais
'I'm disappointed that Republicans in Congress forced this decision,' Obama says.
WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama on Wednesday blamed his Republican opponents for imposing an "...
Jan 18, 2012 | Read More
Pipeline supporters in Neb. before the start of a Keystone XL public hearing
How many jobs Keystone XL might create depends on what you call a job.
As the Feb. 21 deadline approaches for the Obama administration's decision on the Keystone XL oil...
Jan 18, 2012 | Read More
Construction of the first Keystone pipeline in South Dakota
Unemployment is below the national average along most of the route, so few local workers would be available.
The proposed Keystone XL pipeline has been publicized as a major jobs creator, but recent...
Jan 12, 2012 | Read More
Pipeline opponents protested before the White House on Nov. 6, 2011.
TransCanada and Nebraska's Dept. of Environmental Quality say they'll take at least six months to approve a new route—no matter what happens in Washington.
A bill intended to force the Obama administration to make a quick decision on the controversial...
Jan 10, 2012 | Read More
A field in Zona Vig's ranch in South Dakota.
TransCanada getting 10-year tax holiday in Kansas but could pay $63 million a year into Montana’s coffers.
If the Keystone XL oil pipeline were approved today, residents in the six states along its route...
Jan 5, 2012 | Read More
President Barack Obama
Obama supports the tax deal reached in Congress, but the Keystone XL clause means the pipeline likely will not be built, an administration official said.
President Barack Obama supports a compromise payroll tax deal reached in Congress on Friday but...
Dec 17, 2011 | Read More
Nebraska landowner Randy Thompson speaks out against the Keystone XL pipeline in
"We feel like we're being totally undermined," said rancher and farmer Randy Thompson. "He might be in for a rude awakening in 2012."
WASHINGTON—Nebraskans suspected that somebody on Capitol Hill would try to force the Obama...
Dec 12, 2011 | Read More
Keystone pipeline system
Six policy experts say TransCanada would violate NEPA and would likely face lawsuits if it builds the southern segment without State Department approval.
In the weeks since the Obama administration decided to delay its decision on the Keystone XL oil...
Dec 5, 2011 | Read More
Solar house construction
Under GOP attack for his Keystone XL delay, Obama goes with his base—and the clean economy. Cap and trade loses favor, and solar fights for a key subsidy.
Unions and oil companies painted President Obama as a jobs destroyer for his decision to delay the...
Dec 2, 2011 | Read More
Route of the Northern Gateway Pipeline Project/Source: Enbridge
A new report signals that the Northern Gateway pipeline project will become the next battleground over the future of the Alberta tar sands.
ALBERTA, Canada—Enbridge Inc's proposed $5.3 billion pipeline to British Columbia poses a raft of...
Nov 29, 2011 | Read More