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Keystone XL

Unions with a substantially larger membership base are supporting the president's environmental caution, despite partisan outcry.
WASHINGTON—A barrage of industry-led advertising and lobbying urging President Obama to "put jobs...
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The map that state regulators are using to define the Nebraska Sandhills is flawed, landowners tell the governor in a private meeting.
The Keystone XL oil pipeline may have stalled for now, but a group of Nebraskans is worried that...
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Two of the options don't cross the U.S.-Canada border. Oil industry, state, federal officials wait and watch.
Official action on the Keystone XL pipeline review has virtually ground to a halt since President...
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"One of the things it's taught me ... is that as citizens we have to get involved and stay involved," State sen. Ken Haar tells InsideClimate News.
When the Obama administration rejected the Keystone XL oil pipeline last week, it cited concerns...
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Republicans' efforts to make the pipeline a top campaign issue against Obama could create new problems for TransCanada and the oil industry.
WASHINGTON—Now that President Obama has at least temporarily quashed the Keystone XL pipeline,...
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A legal brawl over a low-carbon fuel rule will shape the appetite of global markets for Canada's dirtier crude.
A high-stakes legal battle is underway in California over whether the state's clean air agency can...
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'I'm disappointed that Republicans in Congress forced this decision,' Obama says.
WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama on Wednesday blamed his Republican opponents for imposing an "...
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How many jobs Keystone XL might create depends on what you call a job.
As the Feb. 21 deadline approaches for the Obama administration's decision on the Keystone XL oil...
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Unemployment is below the national average along most of the route, so few local workers would be available.
The proposed Keystone XL pipeline has been publicized as a major jobs creator, but recent...
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TransCanada and Nebraska's Dept. of Environmental Quality say they'll take at least six months to approve a new route—no matter what happens in Washington.
A bill intended to force the Obama administration to make a quick decision on the controversial...
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