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Lisa Jackson

New leadership at the State Dept. and EPA—and the unexpected rise of climate change concern—mean the pipeline decision is still anyone's guess.
After years of protests and lobbying, the Obama administration is expected to decide within months...
01/07/2013 | Read More
EPA and DOE leaders are key to Obama's environmental legacy as Congress remains deadlocked on climate change policies.
As a stalemated Congress shies away from taking serious action on climate change, environmentalists...
12/10/2012 | Read More
'There are no current rules under development on that issue,' EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson tells Congress.
Election-year politics, $4-a-gallon gasoline and an anti-regulatory fervor on Capitol Hill have...
03/08/2012 | Read More
EPA has slammed the State Department's earlier draft reviews. Pipeline opponents are counting on the agency to be as tough on the final assessment.
WASHINGTON—Any day now, the EPA will be weighing in with an analysis of the State Department's...
10/19/2011 | Read More
On the heels of Pres. Obama's decision to scrap smog standards, EPA says it will miss its Sept. 30 deadline to propose greenhouse gas rules for utilities
The Environmental Protection Agency will miss an end-of-month target for proposing greenhouse gas...
09/15/2011 | Read More
A proposed rule to limit mercury from coal-fired power plants took center stage at a divisive Congressional hearing this week
WASHINGTON—These days, it would be understandable if EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson began...
06/17/2011 | Read More
EPA's relatively mild 'tailoring act' that went into effect Jan. 2, is on much shakier ground than its CO2 endangerment finding
WASHINGTON—Texas and 14 other states clearly want to deep-six the endangerment finding. But legal...
06/01/2011 | Read More
To the puzzlement of many, House Republicans keep using congressional hearings to spread falsehoods that depict EPA as intent on killing U.S. agriculture
WASHINGTON—Lately, the amount of time House Republicans have dedicated to crying over spilled milk...
03/17/2011 | Read More
The EPA reporting initiative needed to inventory the nation's carbon footprint is angering advocates on both sides of the issue, for different reasons
WASHINGTON—No wonder the Environmental Protection Agency is feeling more battered and friendless...
03/16/2011 | Read More
Insiders predict that GOP leaders may compromise on the environmental front to avoid the government shutdowns that sullied the party's image in the 1990s
WASHINGTON—During this tenuous time when dozens of House Republicans and coal-state Democrats...
03/07/2011 | Read More