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A major change to RGGI is expected to increase the price of carbon and send billions more into state coffers, much of that to clean energy.
When the nine states in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a cap-and-trade system, agreed last...
02/11/2013 | Read More
Wind farms along Maryland's coast could create thousands of jobs for the nearly 900 companies that are positioned to manufacuture and install turbines.
Maryland's steel mills, ship builders and metal parts makers may help the U.S. challenge Europe and...
04/06/2012 | Read More
Gov. O'Malley's offshore wind energy bill is likely to pass next year and unleash a new multibillion-dollar clean energy industry, supporters say
Massachusetts is officially poised to have America's first offshore wind farm, now that Cape Wind...
04/21/2011 | Read More
Montgomery measure will raise millions for clean energy, strengthen Northeast carbon trading scheme, supporters say
WASHINGTON—While Congress continues to dilly-dally over passing climate and energy legislation,...
05/25/2010 | Read More
Seven more state attorneys general jumped into the climate debate this week, this time arguing...
04/08/2010 | Read More
Follow the Appalachian Mountains by plane from West Virginia to Tennessee, and you’ll see the...
03/17/2009 | Read More