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Michael Mann

As NYT dismantles its environment desk, increased pressure on a handful of remaining journalists covering complexity of climate change.
The news last week that the New York Times is dismantling its environment desk and reassigning the...
01/17/2013 | Read More
'We're not actively trying to pick a fight or become part of the debate but to provide a badly needed service,' says defense fund co-director.
The Climate Science Legal Defense Fund, which was officially formed less than two months ago, is...
03/13/2012 | Read More
Is his investigation of climatologist Michael Mann an unlawful, unduly burdensome and impermissible intrusion?
WASHINGTON—As a scientist, Michael Mann has peered into his share of microscopes, but he never...
07/06/2010 | Read More
Demanding retractions for defamation or wrong accusations, scientists finding vindication
WASHINGTON—If environmental scientists were as vindictive as their fiercest foes, they might refer...
06/25/2010 | Read More