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ET Rover Pipeline Company has set a date of June 2017 to have the natural gas pipeline, which will cross Ohio and Michigan, running.
The wild grass is only now beginning to hide the scar left by the giant ditch digger that gouged a...
Jun 27, 2014 | Read More
Oil cleanup on the Kalamazoo River.
Enbridge agrees to comply with EPA order to dredge Kalamazoo River. Final cleanup costs could top $1 billion.
If all goes well, the next oil removal operation on Michigan's Kalamazoo River will mark the...
Mar 27, 2013 | Read More
Enbridge construction of the new 6B pipeline in Michigan, October 2012.
Landowners say their concerns have been ignored and that Enbridge has been aggressive and inconsiderate in acquiring their land.
Michigan regulators agreed last week to allow Canadian pipeline operator Enbridge Inc. to replace a...
Feb 7, 2013 | Read More
Cleanup workers removing submerged oil.
EPA demands some dredging of Kalamazoo River, but the Canadian company responsible for the million gallon spill is objecting. Clean-up is in its 3rd year.
Two and a half years after the costliest oil pipeline spill in U.S. history, the company...
Jan 28, 2013 | Read More
Enbridge construction of the Line 6b replacement in Howell, Mich.
Landowner group wants to force Enbridge to follow local regulations; the pipeline company says the group has no legal standing to sue.
A lawsuit against pipeline company Enbridge Inc. was returned to Michigan state court on Tuesday,...
Nov 29, 2012 | Read More
Bill Clinton and Prop 3
Prop 3 is the only clean energy issue on a state ballot. Michigan's standing as a battleground state is putting the measure under a national spotlight.
Update at 1:00 ET on Nov. 7, 2012: Proposal 3 was defeated at the polls Tuesday. Roughly 36 percent...
Nov 2, 2012 | Read More
Map of Line 6b replacement
Enbridge has started to replace a Michigan pipeline that ruptured in 2010. Landowners and towns say the firm lacks permits and want construction stopped.
Story updated on Oct. 23 at 11:30 a.m. ET to include comments from Brandon Township. A federal...
Oct 23, 2012 | Read More
U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow
Amid puzzling indifference shown by elected officials over Enbridge's pipeline plans, townships are stepping up, opponents say—and giving them some hope.
At first, Katy Bodenmiller was dumbfounded by the response from U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow, a two-...
Oct 17, 2012 | Read More
Trees on Debbie Hense's land cut down by Enbridge.
The fierce resistance and legal delays Enbridge is encountering over Line 6B are extraordinary, says expert. But landowners still face an uphill battle.
Ken Weathers doesn't see himself in the role of David versus the giant Enbridge Inc. Yet he is. The...
Oct 3, 2012 | Read More
Landowner Carol Brimhall
A 2010 oil pipeline spill contaminated Michigan’s Kalamazoo River. Now the line is being replaced, raising the ire of landowners along the route.
The notice that arrived at Debbie and David Hense's home last September didn't seem especially...
Sep 12, 2012 | Read More