Pulitzer winning climate news


The report, released quietly this month, says climate change is a bigger national security threat than the country's dependence on foreign oil.
WASHINGTON—A new report from the U.S. Center for Naval Analyses and the London-based Royal United...
06/24/2013 | Read More
The Midwest's strength in manufacturing, battery storage, solar panel production and biofuel development could make it a top contender for military funds.
Five Minnesota-made electric vehicles with rooftop solar panels will soon find homes at Naval bases...
11/09/2011 | Read More
El Nino conditions triggered 21% of conflicts in tropical states from 1950-2004, research suggests, with implications for human-made warming
In the past two decades scientists have concluded that climate shifts helped drive many of history'...
08/24/2011 | Read More
Facing a labor shortage, five of the nation's biggest utilities have signed on to recruit veterans into renewable and traditional energy jobs
America's electric power industry is angling to get some of the 200,000 troops that return annually...
08/02/2011 | Read More
But numerous Dept. of Defense representatives say they oppose repealing 'Section 526' because of national security and economic concerns
WASHINGTON—When chatter on Capitol Hill ramps up about kicking "526" to the curb, it doesn't mean...
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The evidence is irrefutable: Climate change poses enormous risks to economic stability, public...
11/04/2009 | Read More
In recent weeks, retired military leaders have been stumping for a renewable energy policy on the...
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