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What’s driving the decline of the U.S. coal industry? Turns out there’s no simple answer—even though some politicians want one.
Power plant operators are shuttering aging coal facilities at record rates—a trend presidential...
10/16/2012 | Read More
The NYS Assembly passed a one-year ban on new drilling permits that would run through June 1, 2012, replacing the current ban set to expire this summer
ALBANY, New York—The New York State Assembly on Monday passed a one-year moratorium on hydraulic...
06/07/2011 | Read More
The Aubrees were the lone holdouts against a developer's plan to tap gas in their small town. Now, living in the shadow of drilling rigs, they're leaving
Editor's Note: SolveClimate News reporter Elizabeth McGowan traveled to Northeastern Pennsylvania...
05/03/2011 | Read More
Pennslyvania has a total of 4.5 million acres of public lands. Estimates show that as few as 500,000 of these are permanently protected from gas drilling
Editor's Note: Some laud natural gas as cleaner burning, home-grown energy — a "bridge" fuel to a...
04/26/2011 | Read More
Residents fear that fracking for gas will cause permanant harm to their forests, state parks and agricultural fields — in addition to their water and air
Editor's Note: Some laud natural gas as cleaner burning, home-grown energy — a "bridge" fuel to a...
04/25/2011 | Read More
Deutsche Bank report predicts massive fuel switching from coal to cleaner burning gas, even without a price on carbon
In 2009, U.S. lawmakers hoping to pass comprehensive climate legislation added tens of billions of...
11/22/2010 | Read More
Environmentalists Sued for Defamation
Editor's note: This the first installment in a two-part series. Ask Turks to name the most...
10/18/2010 | Read More
Fracking debate and apparent new caution in the U.S., but the rest of the world is racing toward natural gas
Energy industry analysts are predicting a global shale gas boom that could turn the cleaner-burning...
08/09/2010 | Read More
House committee orders 10 U.S. energy giants to disclose toxic chemicals and water disposal practices
Members of Congress sought records on Monday from 10 oil and gas producers about the safety of...
07/20/2010 | Read More
Utility-funded report warns of environmental risks of 'fracking' and $700 billion cost of switching from coal to gas
Just last month, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology portrayed gas-fired electricity as a...
07/11/2010 | Read More