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He wants a pipeline moved out of an Ark. watershed, but thinks a pipeline through the Ogallala aquifer is a good idea. The contradiction grates on critics.
Rep. Tim Griffin, a staunch supporter of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, recently asked...
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A thorough and adequate study of the impacts has not been done, a scientist says; it's a rigorous and comprehensive review, says TransCanada's CEO.
The question of how an oil spill from the proposed Keystone XL pipeline might affect the Ogallala...
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New leadership at the State Dept. and EPA—and the unexpected rise of climate change concern—mean the pipeline decision is still anyone's guess.
After years of protests and lobbying, the Obama administration is expected to decide within months...
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Latest reroute moves pipeline away from land owned by outspoken opponents but does little to avoid shallow water sources.
The decision to detour the Keystone XL around land owned by its noisiest opponents, plus the...
10/15/2012 | Read More
Landowners say pipeline siting law violates the Constitution. State says suit should be thrown out because landowners have no right to make the challenge.
Nebraska landowners who helped doom TransCanada's plan to build its Keystone XL pipeline through...
09/27/2012 | Read More
Nebraska landowners say their primary goal to protect the region's water supply was forgotten in the focus only on the Sandhills.
It wasn't that long ago that the people of Holt County, Neb. thought they had made a real impact on...
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Opponents say legislation would undercut a tougher law passed in November.
Nebraska's legislature is expected to pass a bill on Wednesday that would ease the way for...
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Map used to define Nebraska Sandhills doesn't include nearby areas also vulnerable to contamination, InsideClimate News has learned.
"A relatively modest jog around the Sandhills"—that's how one TransCanada executive describes the...
03/14/2012 | Read More
Court challenges likely if Congress passes legislation to dictate the pipeline’s future.
WASHINGTON—Congressional Republicans are floating a handful of measures to override President Obama...
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The map that state regulators are using to define the Nebraska Sandhills is flawed, landowners tell the governor in a private meeting.
The Keystone XL oil pipeline may have stalled for now, but a group of Nebraskans is worried that...
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