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New York's mayor has yet to appoint a director to the city's top climate agency, and has remained largely mum on the issue.
Eight months into his tenure as mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio still has no one at the helm of...
08/06/2014 | Read More
Republicans and Democrats, environmentalists and the business community, get behind the groundbreaking bill.
Adapting for climate change is no longer just a recommendation in New York State. It is about to...
08/05/2014 | Read More
‘No need for any type of fossil fuel,' says lead author of new report. Wind, water and sunlight could supply all New York state's power.
By 2050, New York State could run entirely on energy produced from wind, water and sunlight. That...
03/21/2013 | Read More
A major change to RGGI is expected to increase the price of carbon and send billions more into state coffers, much of that to clean energy.
When the nine states in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a cap-and-trade system, agreed last...
02/11/2013 | Read More
The CUNY Energy Institute is launching a startup to commercialize an advanced nickel-zinc technology for renewable energy battery storage.
It's no secret that wind farms and solar plants have a reliability problem, and that a clear way to...
05/24/2012 | Read More
Long Island, N.Y., becomes one of the first places in the U.S. to adopt the newly made-over CLEAN model to promote solar energy.
Officials in Long Island, N.Y., are rebranding a promising yet largely overlooked policy instrument...
05/14/2012 | Read More
Department of Environmental Conservation will decide by end of year whether to continue a state-wide ban on hydraulic fracturing.
A four-year-old hydraulic fracturing study by New York's Department of Environmental Conservation...
04/19/2012 | Read More
Amid skepticism from engineers and environmentalists, landowners and drilling company bet on LPG fracking, which uses propane instead of water.
A plan to extract shale gas and oil from 135,000 acres in Tioga County, N.Y., could break through...
04/16/2012 | Read More
In an interview, Robert Lestz discusses everything from the risks of using propane to why Canadian companies are more willing to try something new.
When Robert Lestz was a research engineer at Chevron in the 1990s, he began searching for a way to...
11/14/2011 | Read More
The New York metro area had the most 'clean jobs' in 2010, with more than 150,000 positions, finds a new Brookings Institution study
The clean economy is fueling industry and job creation in almost every major city in America — from...
07/13/2011 | Read More