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Eleanor Fairchild, 78, is among more than 30 activists arrested since August for using nonviolent civil disobedience to protest the Keystone XL in Texas.
Eleanor Fairchild has been arrested twice: once outside the White House in August 2011 and again...
11/14/2012 | Read More
Firms have a trove of internal data on oil spills that could inform the federal study on dilbit pipeline safety, but they aren't obligated to turn it over.
A 12-member National Academies of Science study committee will reconvene in Washington this week...
10/22/2012 | Read More
TransCanada says it has most of the state permits it needs, but no one knows which federal agency will oversee the project's final environmental review.
TransCanada's decision last week to build the southern half of the rejected Keystone XL has raised...
03/06/2012 | Read More
EPA’s endangerment finding and tailpipe, tailoring and timing rules to face legal challenges in a single case consolidated from dozens of lawsuits.
WASHINGTON—Opponents intent on blocking EPA's "endangerment finding" and the agency's other efforts...
02/27/2012 | Read More
Persistence, solidarity and youthful optimism gave activists and landowners an edge in battle to keep Keystone XL pipeline out of Nebraska Sandhills.
WASHINGTON—Just six months ago, few could have imagined that an inanimate object as ugly as a 36-...
11/11/2011 | Read More
The EPA reporting initiative needed to inventory the nation's carbon footprint is angering advocates on both sides of the issue, for different reasons
WASHINGTON—No wonder the Environmental Protection Agency is feeling more battered and friendless...
03/16/2011 | Read More
In the search for what's next, a range of options including civil disobedience, state-level action, and continued work on Capitol Hill
WASHINGTON—Barely a week ago, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid assured West Virginia governor-cum-...
11/23/2010 | Read More
Bill's sponsor Jay Rockefeller fears that Republicans could gut the entire tenor of his proposal if it were introduced next year
WASHINGTON—Sen. Jay Rockefeller’s single-handed effort to stall the EPA’s newest initiative to curb...
11/17/2010 | Read More
By a 22 percent margin, voters support EPA oversight of carbon emissions from power plants, vehicles and other sources
 WASHINGTON—Environmental organizations fearful of being blamed for Tuesday’s devastating...
11/05/2010 | Read More
Green Democratic majority in House riding on nail-biter races
WASHINGTON—In Gene Karpinski’s eyes, Nancy Pelosi is the most pro-environment speaker of the House...
10/20/2010 | Read More