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Clean Break: Chapter 1 in the story of Germany's switch to renewables
Berlin, Germany—The view from the Reichstag roof on a sun-drenched spring afternoon is spectacular...
11/13/2012 | Read More
Edison, the utility that runs San Onofre, is in upheaval as it digests new evidence that many of its employees are working in an environment of fear.
Story updated at 3 p.m. EDT, Oct. 4, 2012 The utility that runs California's troubled San Onofre...
10/04/2012 | Read More
Vibrating tubes and other ills are afflicting the San Onofre nuclear plant. More than 8 million people live within 50 miles of the shutdown plant.
While investigators examine the steam generator damage that has forced the months-long outage at...
05/29/2012 | Read More
'This is Utah's water to use as it sees fit,' says Utah nuclear executive. 'We're not taking water away from anyone.'
For more than 100 years and maybe back to the days of outlaw Butch Cassidy, water from the Green...
04/17/2012 | Read More
A rare and powerful grassroots movement of fishermen, farmers, former judges, scientists and bureaucrats is threatening to scuttle nuclear megaprojects.
NEW DELHI, India—When India's central government passed the long-delayed Indo-U.S. nuclear...
10/25/2011 | Read More
Spent fuel also creates new stockpiles of radioactive waste in need of disposal, with few options available
When the Zion Nuclear Power Station in Illinois closed its doors in 1998, plant owner Commonwealth...
06/13/2011 | Read More
Last summer, a heat wave forced a TVA nuclear plant to run at 50% capacity for eight weeks, costing ratepayers $50 million, an investigation finds
On July 8, 2010, as the temperature in downtown Decatur, Alabama, climbed to a sweltering 98...
04/14/2011 | Read More
Report wary of "French model of nuclear socialism," and calls $36 billion of federal loan guarantees a raw deal for taxpayers
Government subsidies of nuclear power plans could hitch U.S taxpayers to a technology that suffers...
09/16/2010 | Read More
Two reactors near Atlanta would be the nation's first in nearly 30 years
The U.S. Department Energy (DOE) and utility giant Southern Co. reached an agreement on a long-...
06/28/2010 | Read More
Efforts to Expand Construction in Iowa, California Uncertain; Six States Fight Off Challenges to Atomic Bans
As the federal government continues to push nuclear power as a viable energy alternative for the...
05/05/2010 | Read More