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Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Regulators still weighing options seven months after safety problems triggered the shutdown of San Onofre nuclear plant.
Two more Southern California city councils voiced urgent concerns about the crippled San Onofre...
08/23/2012 | Read More
"Nuclear power is an unforgiving technology," says Peter Lam, nuclear safety expert, whose thinking was changed by Japan's disaster.
Peter Lam's resume reflects a lifetime of experience in the nuclear energy industry–including 20...
07/16/2012 | Read More
Vibrating tubes and other ills are afflicting the San Onofre nuclear plant. More than 8 million people live within 50 miles of the shutdown plant.
While investigators examine the steam generator damage that has forced the months-long outage at...
05/29/2012 | Read More
"In the long run we are not likely to come to an understanding," said an official of Blue Castle Holdings, the company aiming to build the nuclear plant.
When Alfredo Figueroa stands on the banks of the Colorado River he is reverent out of respect for...
05/17/2012 | Read More
'This is Utah's water to use as it sees fit,' says Utah nuclear executive. 'We're not taking water away from anyone.'
For more than 100 years and maybe back to the days of outlaw Butch Cassidy, water from the Green...
04/17/2012 | Read More
Workers restored cooling in about 90 minutes, and plant officials said the temperature in the pool only increased by two degrees
A fire in an electrical switch room on Tuesday briefly knocked out cooling for a pool holding...
06/10/2011 | Read More
Critics of Indian Point say the NYC suburbs are no place for a nuclear plant, while advocates insist the facility is safe, despite having some seismic risk
New York City, the nation's most densely populated county, stands just 24 miles downwind from the...
05/02/2011 | Read More
A pair of legal actions against the Nuclear Regulatory Commission raises fresh questions over how and where to store the nation's growing nuclear waste
President Obama has won wide bipartisan support for his determination to revive American nuclear...
03/03/2011 | Read More
Two reactors near Atlanta would be the nation's first in nearly 30 years
The U.S. Department Energy (DOE) and utility giant Southern Co. reached an agreement on a long-...
06/28/2010 | Read More
TVA Looks to Finish Construction of Alabama Reactors Started in 1974
There has been a lot of talk of next-generation reactors in the U.S. "nuclear revival," but some...
03/01/2010 | Read More