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Obama Administration

New estimate for cost to society of projects like the Keystone XL is up about 66%. Some say it still low-balls today's price for tomorrow's warming.
WASHINGTON—The Obama administration has sharply increased its cost estimates for the global-warming...
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Green groups wasted no time announcing a protest in front of the White House to claim a mandate for action, but partisan gridlock remains.
Even before President Obama took the stage for his victory speech last night, environmentalists...
11/07/2012 | Read More
TransCanada says it has most of the state permits it needs, but no one knows which federal agency will oversee the project's final environmental review.
TransCanada's decision last week to build the southern half of the rejected Keystone XL has raised...
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White House Lists Actions Taken to Contain the Disaster as BP Says Robot Submarines have Blocked One Leak
By Suzanne Goldberg, Guardian The Obama administration took defensive action today over early...
05/06/2010 | Read More