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Other states that have surging oil-by-rail traffic and pipelines carrying tar sands are expected to consider similar safety requirements.
Alarmed by a string of explosive and disastrous oil spills, two states recently passed laws aimed...
06/16/2014 | Read More
Company responsible for the spill didn't know its dormant pipeline was full of oil before it leaked across a Los Angeles neighborhood.
On March 17, a Los Angeles-area oil pipeline spilled between 1,500 and 3,000 gallons of crude onto...
06/03/2014 | Read More
A landowner-turned-activist in Michigan captures a pipeline construction accident on video, and fearing damage, gets Enbridge to replace the pipe.
The view from David Gallagher's porch window should have been bucolic on that January evening. In...
01/21/2014 | Read More
Thousands of miles of 'gathering lines' are now operating at high pressure to serve fracking operations, but regulators don't even know where they are.
Thousands of miles of pipelines are being built at natural gas drilling sites throughout the nation...
09/26/2013 | Read More
PHMSA has released ExxonMobil's spill response plan for the ruptured Pegasus pipeline—but most of the crucial elements have been completely redacted.
Federal regulators have released ExxonMobil's 2013 emergency response plan for the pipeline that...
08/20/2013 | Read More
Tar sands oil poses no greater risk to pipelines, study says, but is mum on question of its relative danger to humans and the environment when spilled.
Diluted bitumen, a controversial form of heavy Canadian oil, poses no more risks to pipelines than...
06/26/2013 | Read More
Current guidelines say emergency response must be 'prompt and effective.' New report says that's not good enough.
2/5/13: This story has been updated to include information from PHMSA received after publication....
02/05/2013 | Read More
After news broke that human error caused the Enbridge oil spill and fears spread over Keystone XL, pipeline safety moved into the mainstream.
Revelations that preventable safety lapses were behind Enbridge's disastrous oil spill in Michigan...
12/26/2012 | Read More
Firms have a trove of internal data on oil spills that could inform the federal study on dilbit pipeline safety, but they aren't obligated to turn it over.
A 12-member National Academies of Science study committee will reconvene in Washington this week...
10/22/2012 | Read More
Line 14 deemed currently 'hazardous to life, property and the environment.' Entire 1900-mile Lakehead system under scrutiny.
Federal regulators have toughened the requirements that Canadian pipeline operator Enbridge must...
08/02/2012 | Read More