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A major change to RGGI is expected to increase the price of carbon and send billions more into state coffers, much of that to clean energy.
When the nine states in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a cap-and-trade system, agreed last...
02/11/2013 | Read More
What to expect in 2013: tax-code tweak for renewables, energy efficiency legislation, subsidy wrangling, clean energy attacks in the states and more.
Sweeping energy legislation seems out of the question for Congress in 2013, but lawmakers are...
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Gov. Christie's move to secure solar's future was a pragmatic one. Don't expect him to 'campaign to promote renewables across the country,' says advocate.
A law in New Jersey requiring more use of solar power was approved with virtually no opposition—...
08/02/2012 | Read More
Gov. Brown wants to use as much as 80% of proceeds on the budget, an unpopular and possibly illegal idea, instead of using the money to control emissions.
For six years, California has been embroiled in disputes and lawsuits over the creation of its...
06/12/2012 | Read More
This Week in Clean Economy: The success or failure of a lawsuit to force Gov. Christie to rejoin RGGI comes down to whether the public has a say.
Environmental groups took what might be their last recourse to reinstate New Jersey into a...
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Study finds that cap-and-trade and other clean energy policies have helped Northeastern states cut CO2 emissions faster than the rest of the nation.
America's greenhouse gas emissions are headed up again, driven by a recovering economy, federal...
04/20/2012 | Read More
Christie's budget would empty the clean energy fund and take all that's left of RGGI revenues. Meanwhile, in the EU, green jobs pass the million mark.
In his new budget blueprint, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is proposing to divert $210 million...
02/24/2012 | Read More
New report on a ten-state initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions shows the program is a success after three years.
The state of Massachusetts is quietly reaping the benefits of cap and trade, the much-maligned...
12/14/2011 | Read More
House Republicans are said to be already preparing another RGGI withdrawal bill for the next legislative session
Gov. John Lynch vetoed a bill this week that sought to pull New Hampshire out of a regional carbon...
07/08/2011 | Read More
State lawmakers have moved five bills in an attempt to stop Gov. Christie's planned year-end RGGI withdrawal
Update (June 30): The New Jersey State Senate approved two senate bills on June 27 — S-2946 and SCR...
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