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Dozens of cities in Florida would be flooded with a 3- to 7-foot rise in sea level—substantially lower than Hurricane Sandy's 9-foot storm surge in NYC.
For much of the Northeast, Hurricane Sandy was a harsh wake-up call to the extreme weather...
11/05/2012 | Read More
Alliance is helping U.S. water utilities integrate climate models into long-term planning to better adapt their operations to global warming
Ten of the nation's largest water utilities have teamed up to connect climate scientists and water...
08/19/2011 | Read More
Experts say the marshes on Georgia's coast can't grow quickly enough to keep up with the current rate of sea level rise
DARIEN, Georgia—Some 60 miles south of Savannah, Dorset Hurley strides into chest-high cordgrass on...
07/31/2011 | Read More
A special meeting of the Security Council this week will consider adding a 'green helmets' force to intervene in climate change-related conflicts
A special meeting of the United Nations Security Council is due to consider whether to expand its...
07/20/2011 | Read More
New international research shows that sea levels could rise by 5 feet by 2100 from warming — a prediction that is above most past scientific estimates
OSLO, Norway—Quickening climate change in the Arctic including a thaw of Greenland's ice could...
05/03/2011 | Read More
Hub of $15 billion tourism industry, air routes to Latin America and Fortune 500 companies, looking to protect itself
by Heidi Cullen, Climate Central Five years ago last Saturday, Hurricane Katrina tore into...
08/30/2010 | Read More