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Smart Grid

Transforming the archaic power network to a smart grid has taken on added urgency post-Sandy. What upgrades are needed, why and what's the holdup?
A week after superstorm Sandy left a huge swath of the East coast without electricity, New York Gov...
12/04/2012 | Read More
The U.S. West is integrating a decades-old 'synchrophasor' technology into the grid, allowing utilities to add more renewables and help avoid blackouts.
The Western electrical grid is in the midst of a major modernization using an old technology—the...
10/03/2011 | Read More
New report says the $200B that Western states will spend on electricity systems will determine the course of their energy future to 2050 and beyond
Eleven Western states will spend $200 billion in the next two decades to upgrade their electricity...
08/25/2011 | Read More
But experts warn the rules must be part of a much larger strategy by utilities to prevent financial fraud and other security breaches
California regulators have adopted the nation's first sweeping privacy rules for household smart...
08/04/2011 | Read More
Since entering the smart grid space in 2009, Colorado-based Tendril has quadrupled its workforce and revenues. Now it's landing major deals in Australia
Washington's smart grid stimulus campaign is paying off for many U.S. software companies. Having...
06/16/2011 | Read More
Nearly 75% of the smart grid money will come from utilities updating their grids, while industrial giants work to secure their piece of the pie
No one doubts that any big renewables push — like President Obama's call to get 80 percent of U.S....
02/03/2011 | Read More
Higher bills, security and health concerns, and questions about fairness cloud the promise of the smart grid
Over the past several months, as utilities have rolled out smart meters in homes throughout the...
06/24/2010 | Read More
Health advocates press regulators to get answers before broad rollout of wireless devices into millions of homes
Last February, an article in GQ about the health hazards of cell phones caused a furor, reopening...
06/09/2010 | Read More
Router and switch breakthrough streamlines communications networks, cuts utility operating costs by 45 percent
Networking giant Cisco announced the first offerings in its "Connected Grid" portfolio on Tuesday...
05/26/2010 | Read More
DOE Estimates Energy Efficiency Jobs Could Triple in 10 Years, But Training Lags
Ever since the phrase “smart grid” started showing up in news articles, analysts have been looking...
04/13/2010 | Read More