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State of the Union

News analysis: In his SOTU, the president was navigating through familiar political crosswinds—including GOP opposition and adamant demands from activists.
2/13/13: This story has been updated to include a statement by Florida Sen. Marco Rubio. WASHINGTON...
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In interviews with InsideClimate News, clean energy supporters and analysts share their views on the merits of the president's main clean energy policies.
After decades of subsidizing fossil fuels, it's clean energy's turn to get bountiful federal...
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The president used his State of the Union address to set three energy goals. The challenge, though, will be navigating a bitterly divided Congress.
WASHINGTON—President Obama talked for one hour, four minutes and 15 seconds Tuesday night when he...
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Obama adopted a more centrist tone during his State of the Union, avoiding any mention of climate change but embracing the promise of clean technology
WASHINGTON—President Obama's commitment to lessening the nation's carbon footprint hasn't likely...
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The State of the States is Green
President Obama gives his State of the Union address tonight, and some supporters of the shift to...
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