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Steven Chu

EPA and DOE leaders are key to Obama's environmental legacy as Congress remains deadlocked on climate change policies.
As a stalemated Congress shies away from taking serious action on climate change, environmentalists...
12/10/2012 | Read More
Amid a tough political and economic climate, ARPA-E, the U.S. energy innovation agency, held its annual summit. Also, mixed reviews for U.S. in new survey.
In the labs of young startups and universities, researchers are fine-tuning groundbreaking fuel...
03/01/2012 | Read More
Chu sounds alarm that U.S. is falling behind on clean energy. The E.V. sector picks up momentum, solar flounders, while offshore wind gets a fresh push.
With Republicans still gunning for the alternative energy loan program that backed Solyndra, the...
11/18/2011 | Read More
Projects to capture CO2 emissions and bury them are finding it hard to secure funds due to a weak global economy and the lack of carbon pricing.
The financial crisis and fading government support for climate action have seriously eroded...
09/25/2011 | Read More
The DOE’s newly announced plan to make solar affordable offers Sen. Sanders a chance to breathe new life into his languishing '10 Million Solar Roof Act'
The Department of Energy's new SunShot Initiative to make solar energy as cheap as coal has given...
02/14/2011 | Read More
Report Confirms Cool Roofs Can Offset Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Mitigate Global Warming
The idea that white roofs can both reduce the average temperature of cities and reduce the amount...
07/21/2010 | Read More