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As weather extremes like flooding batter Texas, its refusal to prepare for an even more volatile climate leaves residents at risk, experts say.
The Texas flooding in May that pulled houses off foundations and swamped city streets provided a...
07/15/2015 | Read More
After their local ban is overturned by a Texas law, anti-fracking residents are angry. 'What will the next thing be that will be taken from us?'
Two weeks after Denton's fracking ban was rendered illegal by a sweeping new state law restricting...
06/05/2015 | Read More
When Texas regulators bypassed the EPA to ease air pollution regulations on 19 coal plants, they violated the federal Clean Air Act, a new petition says.
Texas regulators quietly worked with the coal industry to illegally exempt 19 coal-fired power...
05/27/2015 | Read More
PEARSALL, Texas—During their careers as oil and gas inspectors for the Texas Railroad Commission,...
12/09/2014 | Read More
'The question that has to be resolved is where does the regulatory power rest?'
"Don't mess with Texas," says the advertising slogan that has grown into a defiant unofficial state...
11/23/2014 | Read More
Education groups pressure publishers to rid textbooks of inaccuracies and distortions, but the Texas Board of Education could still require them.
Update at 6:10 PM on Nov. 21, 2014: The Texas State Board of Education approved nearly 100 new...
11/20/2014 | Read More
'I have a responsibility to investigate the failures of our state regulatory agencies,' says Rep. Lon Burnam, an opponent of unbridled oil development.
During his 18 years in office, Texas state representative Lon Burnam has been the odd man out in a...
10/27/2014 | Read More
The ploy to manufacture an imaginary public enemy called the 'anti-fracking industry' is not a substitute for controlling fracking's toxic air emissions.
Last week an oil and gas industry public relations front group called Energy in Depth published a...
07/29/2014 | Read More
Hauling company that dumped toxic drilling waste over eight miles of road and never told authorities faces formal enforcement action.
A Texas waste hauling company that is already facing civil charges for a March accident that spread...
07/09/2014 | Read More
'If I can make this a better place for people to live, then I have done my job.'
ALICE, Texas—Deputy Sheriff Hector Zertuche parked his pickup across the road from a gas and oil...
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