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Young people especially, disillusioned by the failure of established institutions to act on climate change, are taking to the streets in growing numbers. They are the reluctant inheritors of potential catastrophes they want to avert.

TransCanada is forced to drop its eminent domain claims to run the controversial tar sands pipeline through private lands.
TransCanada, the company behind the Keystone XL pipeline, has pulled out of a lawsuit launched by...
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The Global Citizen Festival used Beyoncé and Pearl Jam to move a young audience to get involved in the climate movement.
With 60,000 people crowded into Central Park Saturday for an evening of music and activism,...
09/28/2015 | Read More
Pope Francis’ first visit to the U.S. coincides with a week of festivities in New York dedicated to saving the planet.
A year ago, hundreds of thousands of protesters snaked their way through midtown Manhattan as part...
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Environmentalists protest the razing of 500-year-old trees to build facilities for the downhill skiing events at the 2018 Olympics.
Organizers of the 2018 Winter Olympics are clear-cutting part of an ancient forest that includes...
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A nonprofit is launching a website to help investors scour their 401k plans for stocks in fossil fuel companies and other assets at odds with the climate.
If you ever wondered how much of your future fortune––your retirement fund––is tied to the fortunes...
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In the least contentious of its climate-related bills, California Assembly votes to keep its state pensions out of the coal business.
California is one governor's signature away from becoming the first state to mandate its major...
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Climate campaigners question the timing and sincerity of Shell's departure from ALEC over climate concerns, as its fleet drills for Arctic oil.
The American Legislative Exchange Council’s refusal to act on climate change has cost it another...
08/12/2015 | Read More
Brewers like New Belgium who supported an environmental group that has challenged local coal mines are facing a boycott by businesses in Craig, Colo.
The coal business is personal in Craig, a small town in northwest Colorado. It’s so personal,...
08/07/2015 | Read More
In an interview during the 40-hour standoff in Portland, Luke Strandquist describes what it’s like on the front line of standing up to Shell Oil.
Cloaked in early morning darkness, 13 Greenpeace volunteers climbed over the edge of the St. Johns...
07/31/2015 | Read More
A Q&A with Jeremy Leggett about his new book chronicling the 'Carbon War:' 'It feels like a civil war...minus the bullets.'
As 200 countries prepare for a Paris gathering in December in hopes of finalizing a climate treaty...
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