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Young people especially, disillusioned by the failure of established institutions to act on climate change, are taking to the streets in growing numbers. They are the reluctant inheritors of potential catastrophes they want to avert.

'It was hard to swallow seeing a lot of our friends and strong climate champions lose their races.'
Environmental groups watched in shock last night as many of the seats they considered shoo-ins fell...
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Outspent by industry 20-1 in some places, activists hope for victories in California, Ohio and Texas.
Eight towns and counties across the country are taking their health and environmental concerns...
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'There's definitely going to be less money flowing into [oil stocks] than we've seen in the last couple years,' says Phil Flynn, senior oil analyst.
The recent dive in oil prices is undermining oil company earnings, projects and stock prices—at...
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The effort is one of many recent climate communication projects to try to deepen public understanding of the climate crisis amid political inaction.
While the climate community was fixed on global climate negotiations unfolding at the UN last week...
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The business presence at this year's Climate Week went well beyond the 'green bubble' that has long surrounded such climate advocacy.
Climate Week presented a two-front push for nations to take action on climate change. The moral...
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At Columbus Circle marchers flowed by at a rate of about 10 per second.
InsideClimate News spent Sunday covering the People's Climate March. This story was last updated at...
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OP-ED: For most Americans who care about climate, "the paralysis stems from a combination of hopelessness and deep-rooted cynicism about our government..."
Mark Reynolds is executive director of Citizens Climate Lobby, a grassroots organization campaign...
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Progressive Baptists' Rev. Dr. Baltimore discusses how climate change became a moral issue not a scientific argument; and the power of the clergy.
When thousands of activists descend on Manhattan this Sunday for the People's Climate March, faith-...
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His clearance of the legal strategy breaks new ground, and may have swayed the prosecutor to drop criminal charges.
Even before a prosecutor in Massachusetts dropped criminal and conspiracy charges against climate...
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The People's Climate March is more than just a call to action. It represents the biggest expansion of the climate movement so far.
Activists are trying to seize an opportunity to put the climate movement alongside the Civil Rights...
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