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ActivismYoung people especially, disillusioned by the failure of established institutions to act on climate change, are taking to the streets in growing numbers. They are the reluctant inheritors of potential catastrophes they want to avert.
A field in Zona Vig's ranch in South Dakota.
TransCanada getting 10-year tax holiday in Kansas but could pay $63 million a year into Montana’s coffers.
If the Keystone XL oil pipeline were approved today, residents in the six states along its route...
Jan 5, 2012 | Read More
James Hansen of NASA
At a recent conference, scientists debate how far they should go in expressing their concerns about the world's response to global warming.
Factors contributing to climate change are moving faster than predicted and pushing us toward...
Dec 29, 2011 | Read More
Nebraska landowner Randy Thompson speaks out against the Keystone XL pipeline in
"We feel like we're being totally undermined," said rancher and farmer Randy Thompson. "He might be in for a rude awakening in 2012."
WASHINGTON—Nebraskans suspected that somebody on Capitol Hill would try to force the Obama...
Dec 12, 2011 | Read More
A protest against the Northern Gateway pipeline
Enbridge's highly touted deal last week with a native chief over the company's pipeline to the Pacific could fall apart.
A deal with a native chief that Enbridge Inc. held up last week as an example of rising support...
Dec 7, 2011 | Read More
Solar house construction
Under GOP attack for his Keystone XL delay, Obama goes with his base—and the clean economy. Cap and trade loses favor, and solar fights for a key subsidy.
Unions and oil companies painted President Obama as a jobs destroyer for his decision to delay the...
Dec 2, 2011 | Read More
On Sept. 8, Pres. Obama outlined his $447 billion jobs plan
Vaguely written legislation keeps local governments from putting federal funds to use and creating green jobs.
An energy conservation subsidy that was enacted during the Bush administration is sitting largely...
Dec 1, 2011 | Read More
Route of the Northern Gateway Pipeline Project/Source: Enbridge
A new report signals that the Northern Gateway pipeline project will become the next battleground over the future of the Alberta tar sands.
ALBERTA, Canada—Enbridge Inc's proposed $5.3 billion pipeline to British Columbia poses a raft of...
Nov 29, 2011 | Read More
Cindy Myers and Connie Weichman on the Weichmans' Sandhills ranch.
Landowners explain why—and how—they became activists.
Connie and Leon Weichman had just finished branding some calves Monday when Connie's niece texted...
Nov 17, 2011 | Read More
An estimated 10,000 anti-Keystone XL protestors marched at the White House on No
The agency says the agreement will not change the timeline for its analysis of alternative pipeline routes, which would likely conclude in 2013.
LINCOLN, Neb.—Nebraska and TransCanada Corp. agreed on Monday to find a new route for the stalled...
Nov 15, 2011 | Read More
Nov. 6 protest at the White House
Persistence, solidarity and youthful optimism gave activists and landowners an edge in battle to keep Keystone XL pipeline out of Nebraska Sandhills.
WASHINGTON—Just six months ago, few could have imagined that an inanimate object as ugly as a 36-...
Nov 11, 2011 | Read More