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The scientific community is certain with near unanimity that man-made global warming is disrupting Earth’s climate and that remedies are urgently needed. But public opinion and political rhetoric do not mirror the prevailing scientific consensus. We report here on continuing climate research and the controversies which surround the empirical findings.

Fifteen percent of historic El Niños would have been wet enough to lift California out of its current drought.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on Thursday said again that El Niño, a warming...
07/10/2014 | Read More
'Even if the [average] forecasts for sea level rise come true, much of the state will be in trouble, areas will be wiped out and communities evacuated.'
Florida, the most vulnerable state in the country to climate change, faces a key election this...
03/13/2014 | Read More
First-in-the-nation ruling requires New York's biggest utility to integrate climate science into all of its planning, construction and budget decisions.
New York regulators are requiring the state's biggest electric utility to armor the grid against...
03/12/2014 | Read More
The agency has needed Congress to approve extra disaster relief funds every year over roughly the past decade to handle mounting climate-related damage.
Thanks to climate change, extreme weather disasters have hammered the United States with increasing...
01/27/2014 | Read More
The 'tidal wave of interest' in building climate-resilient cities is expected to snowball next year as various initiatives pick up speed.
The debate about tackling climate change has long revolved around the twin challenges of mitigating...
12/31/2013 | Read More
After years of silence, the climate conversation is now happening on many levels—from the White House to Wall Street and classrooms to the streets.
Frustrated by years of waiting on politicians to reduce American dependence on climate-changing...
12/30/2013 | Read More
Separated by less than a mile, political leaders in New Jersey and New York diverge on the issue of climate change.
In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced a series...
12/19/2013 | Read More
'Resiliency has risen to one of the top subjects that we talk about now in the sustainability world.'
American cities on the frontline of climate action are quietly but dramatically shifting their...
12/18/2013 | Read More
The Bloomberg administration has done what it can to require future mayors to deal with global warming. But will Bill de Blasio follow Bloomberg's lead?
Global warming experts around the world say New York City's plans to reduce its greenhouse gas...
11/22/2013 | Read More
Sandy struck the city. Fory-four New Yorkers died. Thousands of homes were lost. The devastation pushed adaptation to the top of Bloomberg's priorities.
Global warming experts around the world say New York City's plans to reduce its greenhouse gas...
11/21/2013 | Read More