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Climate Science

Climate ScienceThe scientific community is certain with near unanimity that man-made global warming is disrupting Earth’s climate and that remedies are urgently needed. But public opinion and political rhetoric do not mirror the prevailing scientific consensus. We report here on continuing climate research and the controversies which surround the empirical findings.
Google Earth map of nuclear power plants
Reactor shutdown in Connecticut is latest sign that nuclear energy would face challenges from climate change.
Will 2012 go down as the year that left the idea of nuclear energy expansion in the hot, dry dust?...
Aug 15, 2012 | Read More
NASA Hurricane
A couple of productive storms could go a long way to lessen the impacts of the historic drought. But the outlook remains uncertain, officials say.
The Climate Prediction Center in Camp Springs, Md., will release its updated outlook for the...
Aug 6, 2012 | Read More
Hail storm
Property damage from just two intense hailstorms that pelted large cities recently could exceed $1.5 billion.
While the nation is fixated on the punishing heat and drought gripping the United States, parts of...
Jul 18, 2012 | Read More
A firefighter working along the northwest perimeter of a massive blaze in the Gi
Steven Running explains link between warming temperatures and the pine beetle explosion and the latest spate of U.S. wildfires.
The fires that are burning throughout the country offer a window into what we can expect in the...
Jul 3, 2012 | Read More
Steve Amstrup, the 2012 Indianapolis Prize winner, with polar bear cubs.
'If we allow ourselves to be distracted from reducing GHG emissions, we surely will become polar bear historians rather than polar bear conservationists.'
Polar bear scientist Steve Amstrup was stunned when he learned he had won the 2012 Indianapolis...
Jun 20, 2012 | Read More
Extent of coastal flooding and erosion under one scenario of sea-level rise in t
California's coastal resource managers are including sea-level science in their planning, but lawmakers in N. Carolina and Virginia forbid open debate.
In California, officials in coastal cities are becoming increasingly aware of the potential impacts...
Jun 13, 2012 | Read More
Temperature rise
The death toll from global warming-fueled heat waves will rise by 150,000 in America's biggest cities by century's end, study finds.
The U.S. death toll from heat waves made more intense by climate change will rise by 150,000—just...
Jun 6, 2012 | Read More
NASA scientists study changing conditions in the Arctic as part of the agency's
While the national climate debate is fixed on whether Earth is warming, climate scientists are focused on understanding how bad it will be.
The global warming debate in Congress, the states and on the campaign trail centers on two issues:...
Jun 4, 2012 | Read More
Magnolia trees on Broadway, a busy street in downtown San Diego
Why is there a plan in San Diego to rip out 107 shade trees, when most of the valuable services they provide will be lost?
Rip out mature shade trees and put in palms? That's the debate going on now in sunny San Diego—and...
May 31, 2012 | Read More
A new study says trees are absorbing 3.4 percent less carbon than has been assumed, including in models used to prepare the IPCC reports.
Trees may not be the planetary saviors people have been counting on in a warming climate. A new...
May 23, 2012 | Read More