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Coal and Carbon Capture & Storage

“Clean” coal was the biggest financial winner in the House climate bill of 2009 that died in the Senate. The law would have financed the big upfront costs to capture and bury emissions. Now without a bridge to a clean future, the industry continues to face uncertainty and ever-more pressure from environmentalists.

A lawsuit by WildEarth Guardians claims regulators ignore climate impacts in approving mine expansions on federal land in the Rocky Mountains.
Environmental advocates are suing federal officials, alleging they approved the expansion of four...
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Tom Clarke, who leads a conservation group in Virginia, bought two mines and plans to sell coal and plant trees to offset the carbon emissions.
A conservationist in Virginia has put himself in the peculiar position of selling coal. Tom Clarke...
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Brewers like New Belgium who supported an environmental group that has challenged local coal mines are facing a boycott by businesses in Craig, Colo.
The coal business is personal in Craig, a small town in northwest Colorado. It’s so personal,...
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Hundreds of corporate giants have rallied to urge governors to see the upcoming regulations as a boost for the economy.
Three hundred sixty-five companies and investors sent letters on Friday to more than two dozen...
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Despite a downward trend in coal use and emissions overall by utilities, a handful still pump an inordinate amount into the air.
Although several of America's biggest investor-owned utilities have seen a significant drop in...
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Republicans in Congress threaten the Clean Power Plan with two bills, but are unlikely to derail it with legislation.
Congressional Republicans launched attacks on two fronts this week against President Barack Obama's...
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President Obama's $3 billion plan called 'cold comfort' by Republican leaders, who haven't allocated it to help coal-dependent communities.
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The state has been moving away from coal-fired electricity for the past decade, and the effects of climate change already has its attention.
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Twelve states have sued the EPA, 12 others have created legislative hurdles. Still, most are planning to meet EPA's carbon reduction targets.
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When Texas regulators bypassed the EPA to ease air pollution regulations on 19 coal plants, they violated the federal Clean Air Act, a new petition says.
Texas regulators quietly worked with the coal industry to illegally exempt 19 coal-fired power...
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