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Coal and Carbon Capture & Storage

“Clean” coal was the biggest financial winner in the House climate bill of 2009 that died in the Senate. The law would have financed the big upfront costs to capture and bury emissions. Now without a bridge to a clean future, the industry continues to face uncertainty and ever-more pressure from environmentalists.

State officials' testimony ranges from Indiana's ancient ice age to Wyoming's coal-fired future.
Officials from five states weighed in Wednesday at a Senate hearing on the Environmental Protection...
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Grassroots campaigns keep 'coal on its heels' as major carbon source loses its economic appeal.
The U.S. coal export industry continued its losing streak as 2014 ended and 2015 began. A coal...
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New pipelines, power plants and export facilities would lock in carbon emissions for another generation and continue the dominance of fossil fuels.
As almost 200 countries try to work out an agreement in 2015 to slash carbon emissions, the U.S....
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Incumbent Sen. Mitch McConnell and challenger Alison Grimes are fighting over an industry that provides just .6 percent of Kentucky's jobs.
Coal has been an ever-present part of one of the most expensive and high profile midterm elections...
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Even while trade agreements brokered under Clinton helped China's economy to boom and brought Americans cheap goods, both nations have paid dearly.
Part 2 of 2 of a special report from the co-author of a forthcoming book, The People's Republic of...
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The CCS drumbeat builds during Warsaw climate talks, as data reveal nearly 1,200 coal-burning plants are on the drawing boards amid record warming.
The smoldering debate over whether coal has a future in a low-carbon world has flared up with new...
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Groundbreaking initiative is forcing an investor rethink: What's the value of fossil fuel stocks if companies must leave reserves in the ground?
A well-heeled coalition of investors is asking top fossil fuel companies to calculate the risks of...
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Peter Davidson, a former investment banker, takes the helm. 'The truth is not at all what the popular perception is,' he says.
Peter Davidson walked nervously toward a U.S. Senate conference room in Washington, D.C. A lanky...
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The law, passed in 1937, allows mining firms to relocate residents, even entire villages, to gain access to shallow lignite seams.
If one can believe a recent BBC poll, Germany is the most admired country in the world. Germany's...
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Technology to capture and store carbon seen as indispensable for coal to compete with cleaner natural gas in a low-carbon era.
WASHINGTON—Two days before Gina McCarthy, the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency...
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