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Ever since a 2007 Supreme Court ruling, the EPA has been obliged to apply the Clean Air Act to greenhouse gases. After a long, methodical, and transparent agency process, EPA’s first carbon regulations are set to kick in come January 2011 – unless someone stops them – and many are trying. We’re following the fight and more.

The fine for calamitous pipeline rupture could exceed $100 million, but may take another year or more to decide.
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Enbridge, Inc. have agreed to extend the deadline for...
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Hundreds of corporate giants have rallied to urge governors to see the upcoming regulations as a boost for the economy.
Three hundred sixty-five companies and investors sent letters on Friday to more than two dozen...
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The Texas Public Policy Foundation is proposing an interstate compact to defy federal law and "shield" states from the EPA's imminent Clean Power Plan.
With the Obama administration poised to issue its sweeping rules to cut carbon pollution from power...
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Despite a downward trend in coal use and emissions overall by utilities, a handful still pump an inordinate amount into the air.
Although several of America's biggest investor-owned utilities have seen a significant drop in...
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Faulty projections by EIA on renewable energy growth are being used in critical policies like the Clean Power Plan, a trade group says.
The Energy Information Administration—the federal agency responsible for forecasting energy trends—...
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Republicans in Congress threaten the Clean Power Plan with two bills, but are unlikely to derail it with legislation.
Congressional Republicans launched attacks on two fronts this week against President Barack Obama's...
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The state has been moving away from coal-fired electricity for the past decade, and the effects of climate change already has its attention.
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The $4 million settlement does not resolve any possible penalties in connection with the federal Clean Water Act.
Enbridge Inc. has reached another settlement in connection with its massive oil pipeline spill into...
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The acknowledgment of instances of fracking-related water contamination marks a notable reversal for the Obama administration.
After years of asserting that hydraulic fracturing has never tainted drinking water, the Obama...
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Twelve states have sued the EPA, 12 others have created legislative hurdles. Still, most are planning to meet EPA's carbon reduction targets.
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