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Ever since a 2007 Supreme Court ruling, the EPA has been obliged to apply the Clean Air Act to greenhouse gases. After a long, methodical, and transparent agency process, EPA’s first carbon regulations are set to kick in come January 2011 – unless someone stops them – and many are trying. We’re following the fight and more.

Deck in Congress is stacked in favor of fossil fuels, throwing Obama’s climate agenda in doubt during his lame-duck years.
Additional reporting for this story was done by ICN reporters Katherine Bagley, Elizabeth Douglass...
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EPA's non-responsiveness in the Texas air pollution story is troubling because it keeps taxpayers in the dark about a critical issue.
Update: On Aug. 11, 2014, Ron Curry, EPA regional administrator in Dallas, did an on-the-record...
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Traders largely shrugged off dire warnings about EPA's climate rule released on Monday.
Monday's unveiling of the Obama administration's proposal to cut carbon emissions triggered a...
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Study finds air emissions from biomass facilities could be dramatically improved if so-called loopholes are closed in power plant regulations.
A new study charges that government regulations for biomass plants are riddled with loopholes that...
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For all its faults, the Renewable Fuels Standard is the only federal policy that is steadily eroding the oil industry's de facto monopoly on motor fuels.
The American oil industry could be on the verge of winning its war on the federal Renewable Fuel...
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Winona will be the first U.S. city to monitor pollution from trucks hauling frac sand en route to fracking operations.
A college town in southern Minnesota is taking action against the frac sand industry that's booming...
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At the often misunderstood DOE Loan Programs Office, 200 staffers work to fill a critical financing hole for new energy technologies in the United States.
At the U.S. Department of Energy's Washington, D.C. headquarters, the fourth floor feels like any...
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Technology to capture and store carbon seen as indispensable for coal to compete with cleaner natural gas in a low-carbon era.
WASHINGTON—Two days before Gina McCarthy, the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency...
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Only 27 percent of publicly traded companies even mention 'climate change' in their annual reports, finds new data.
Almost 75 percent of the nation's publicly traded companies are ignoring a three-year-old...
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So far about 2,000 barrels of oil have been recovered in Arkansas. The actual amount of spilled oil is far more than that, but may never be figured out.
MAYFLOWER, Ark.—Homeowners whose lives are still in limbo after thousands of gallons of oil...
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