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Global Climate Treaty

More than 100 heads of state went to frigid Copenhagen in December 2009 and failed to deliver a global deal. The scene this year shifts to sunny Cancun, and most of them are staying home. We’ll be there. Stay tuned for more climate reports.

Attacks are undermining India's global standing, the stability of its democracy and its role in upcoming climate talks, experts say.
India has recently ramped up attacks on environmental and development organizations that work on...
05/14/2015 | Read More
White House praises commitment that surpasses China's and could motivate other developing nations on the road to Paris climate talks.
Mexico promised on Friday that its emissions of greenhouse gases will peak by 2026 and then begin...
03/27/2015 | Read More
The most crucial battles in the fight against climate change are unfolding now in Lima, Peru.
The most crucial battles in the fight against climate change are unfolding now in Lima, Peru. That'...
12/06/2014 | Read More
Graphic shows how current climate fund pledges for poor nations stack up to what's needed.
Depending on who you ask, the $9.7 billion in pledges for the Green Climate Fund is either a woeful...
11/28/2014 | Read More
Current spending remains 'far below even the most conservative estimates' of what's needed to curb and adapt to climate change, study finds.
It took more than a decade of worsening climate change projections to get global leaders to promise...
11/25/2014 | Read More
OP-ED: 'Displacing fossil fuels won’t be easy. But it will be profitable once governments intervene.'
Carl Pope, a veteran leader of the environmental movement, is the former executive director and...
11/17/2014 | Read More
'It's like dominos. This is the first domino, and in order to get everything to fall in the right place, you have to start here.'
Next month's climate talks in Peru are a pivotal point in the push for global action on climate...
11/10/2014 | Read More
Todd Stern says that mounting public pressure could rapidly force GOP to address global warming, and urged people to demand action.
Climate change denial will switch from being a litmus test for major Republican politicians to a...
10/15/2014 | Read More
$44 Trillion is needed to make the transition to clean energy, IEA expert tells ICN, but will yield $115 trillion in savings.
In a world wrestling with climate change and the need to phase out fossil fuels, nothing is more...
10/10/2014 | Read More
The business presence at this year's Climate Week went well beyond the 'green bubble' that has long surrounded such climate advocacy.
Climate Week presented a two-front push for nations to take action on climate change. The moral...
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