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Global Climate Treaty

More than 100 heads of state went to frigid Copenhagen in December 2009 and failed to deliver a global deal. The scene this year shifts to sunny Cancun, and most of them are staying home. We’ll be there. Stay tuned for more climate reports.

The third-largest carbon polluter says it needs $2.5 trillion over the next 15 years to transition to clean energy and adapt to climate change.
India submitted its long-awaited climate pledge on Thursday, vowing to reduce the intensity of its...
10/02/2015 | Read More
The world’s largest carbon polluter reiterates its carbon trading commitment and pledges $3.1 billion in climate financing to assist developing countries.
China announced new details about a national cap and trade program on Friday, demonstrating its...
09/25/2015 | Read More
An infographic explains how the Global Goals, which Pope Francis endorsed in his speech at the United Nations on Friday, aim to tackle global warming.
Pope Francis told world leaders on Friday that in order to address poverty, hunger, war and...
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A Q&A with John McArthur of the UN Foundation on the renewed global effort to fight poverty, inequality and climate change.
Facing a growing rift between developed and developing countries, the United Nations' 189 member...
09/18/2015 | Read More
The president’s climate proclamations during his trip ring hollow to environmentalists who oppose Arctic drilling, but oil still fuels Alaska’s economy.
President Obama hopes his three-day tour of Alaska this week highlights the devastating impacts of...
09/01/2015 | Read More
A Q&A with Robert J. Brulle about a new book by members of the American Sociological Association on what they can contribute to the climate debate.
The American Sociological Association, like academic bodies from psychology and anthropology before...
08/25/2015 | Read More
An overestimation of the country’s pollution by 14 percent gives China a little more wiggle room at the climate treaty negotiating table in Paris.
Carbon emissions from China are 14 percent lower than previously estimated because those estimates...
08/19/2015 | Read More
Canadian producers share an uncertain future with the oil industry, but higher costs and opposition to expansion and pipelines bring extra hardship.
Canadian oil sands producers, facing a double whammy of low oil prices and higher taxes in Alberta...
08/11/2015 | Read More
Low prices are forcing companies to curtail exploration and borrow to sustain dividends and stock value as the world looks to curtail emissions.
With the oil industry facing what could be its worst downturn in more than 45 years, the major...
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This primer explains why faith is beginning to wane in the Green Climate Fund, designed to heal divisions between rich and poor nations.
Faith in the Green Climate Fund, the finance arm long believed to hold a key to achieving a global...
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