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Natural Gas and Fracking

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is a drilling process that injects millions of gallons of water, sand and undisclosed chemicals at high pressure into horizontal wells to crack open shale rock and release natural gas. Largely unregulated, the fast-spreading gas-extraction method is enjoying an unprecedented boom, but it could also be contaminating underground water supplies.

One in six wells were fracked less than one mile below the surface, at the same depth of known water sources, according to a new study.
The nation's first survey of fracking well depths shows shallow fracking is more widespread than...
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Four percent of the facilities surveyed accounted for 23 percent of the leaked natural gas, worth about $240 million.
About 80 billion cubic feet of the potent greenhouse gas methane escapes into the air each year...
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Activist groups have launched a petition calling for a moratorium on fracking like New York's after a study shows how little is known about its dangers.
A new state-mandated report underscores how little is known about the risks associated with...
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Environmental Defense Fund-backed studies of 30,000 Barnett Shale wells shows the EPA has vastly underestimated emissions.
The release of 11 research papers Tuesday marked another milestone in the Environmental Defense...
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Investors warned that keeping global warming at 2 degrees means gas companies could shelve big plans for LNG in U.S., Canada and Australia.
An estimated $283 billion in potential liquefied natural gas projects could be dropped or deferred...
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State Supreme Court's to decision to allow Sandra Ladra to sue energy companies over quakes could encourage others to step forward with liability cases.
Nearly four years after Prague, Okla., became the unlikely epicenter of three earthquakes of at...
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Republicans in Congress threaten the Clean Power Plan with two bills, but are unlikely to derail it with legislation.
Congressional Republicans launched attacks on two fronts this week against President Barack Obama's...
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One of the largest analyses of water quality of aquifers near fracking sites examined samples from 550 wells across the Barnett Shale near Dallas.
Drinking water wells in Texas counties that are home to intensive hydraulic fracturing operations...
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New work adds to scientific consensus that the earthquake surge in Texas and Oklahoma stem from wastewater injection wells.
The surge in earthquakes shaking Oklahoma, Texas and other parts of the nation's mid-section are...
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Federal agency aims to save the 500,000 to 1 million birds that die in the industry's vats of oily residue each year.
In parched Jim Wells County, Texas, the glistening pits brimming with oil and gas waste appear to...
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