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Natural Gas and Fracking

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is a drilling process that injects millions of gallons of water, sand and undisclosed chemicals at high pressure into horizontal wells to crack open shale rock and release natural gas. Largely unregulated, the fast-spreading gas-extraction method is enjoying an unprecedented boom, but it could also be contaminating underground water supplies.

Grassroots activists joined mainstream environmental organizations to help force the state to write tougher fracking rules; some aren't pleased about it.
Grassroots groups fighting hydraulic fracturing in Illinois have put aside their push for a...
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Facility in Utah doubles in size without a proper permit for emissions of volatile organic compounds, including benzene, toluene and xylene.
A commercial facility that disposes of oil and gas waste in Eastern Utah has been fined $50,000 for...
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Longmont 'continues to imply that decades of established law on regulating oil and gas operations somehow doesn't apply to them,' says industry official.
Leaders of a Boulder, Colo. suburb on the front lines of the fight against gas drilling recently...
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Drilling-wary Maryland is one of several East Coast states considering whether to open their lands to fracking as public health concerns mount.
A state-commissioned report found that air emissions trump water pollution and drilling-induced...
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Dismissal is in contrast to a case in which a jury awarded $2.9 million to a family who also claimed to be sickened by fracking's emissions.
A Texas judge has dismissed a million dollar lawsuit filed by a Karnes County, Texas, family who...
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Christie's national ambitions seen by critics as a factor in fracking greenlight.
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's recent veto of a bill that would have banned the treatment,...
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If two Texas couples win their cases, it could change the assumption that ordinary people can't stand up to the industry, legal expert says.
Two major oil companies have asked a Texas judge to dismiss a civil lawsuit that could draw new...
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New paper finds that the crucial studies on the biological effects of shale production have not yet been done. 'The basic data is missing.'
A decade into America's oil and gas boom, and scientists still know very little about how hydraulic...
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Political compromise delivers a sudden slap in the face for green groups behind two ballot initiatives, now derailed.
8/11/2014: The story has been updated with comment from the campaign director of Coloradans for...
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Enbridge says it consulted with regulatory agencies and communities for a year and a half to select the best route, which faces intense public opposition.
Retired first grade teacher Beth Baker-Knuttila has so much she wants to tell the Minnesota Public...
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