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Tar Sands/Oil Sands

The oil industry is hoping to shift the geopolitical center of global oil production to Canada’s boreal forests, home of vast deposits of oil sands, also called tar sands. Environmentalists and First Nations contend it’s a dirty, carbon- and water-intensive business, while proponents of development tout energy security benefits. We’re covering the battle here.

In the country that bet big on the "carbon bomb" in Alberta, the industry's crisis impacts the economy and maybe Stephen Harper's re-election.
A dramatic reversal of fortune for Canada's tar sands oil industry has cheered environmental...
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Arkansas authorities had sought stronger measures to protect waterways from toxic tar sands oil spills, but a federal judge rejects their pleas.
A federal judge rejected arguments by local Arkansas authorities that a $5 million settlement...
08/13/2015 | Read More
Canadian producers share an uncertain future with the oil industry, but higher costs and opposition to expansion and pipelines bring extra hardship.
Canadian oil sands producers, facing a double whammy of low oil prices and higher taxes in Alberta...
08/11/2015 | Read More
The fine for calamitous pipeline rupture could exceed $100 million, but may take another year or more to decide.
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Enbridge, Inc. have agreed to extend the deadline for...
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Groups opposed to the $5 million ExxonMobil settlement are worried that drinking water for 750,000 Arkansas residents isn't protected.
ExxonMobil's $5 million settlement for polluting water during the Pegasus oil pipeline spill may be...
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The Kalamazoo River near Marshall, Mich. today teems with kayakers paddling amid swimming turtles,...
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The EPA has yet to levy a Clean Water Act fine for the biggest inland oil spill in U.S. history. The agency has until July 25 to act.
Today the gently rolling Kalamazoo River in southern Michigan flows clear once again. There are few...
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The fine could top $100 million if the agency finds negligence or other adverse circumstances.
The Environmental Protection Agency may penalize Enbridge Inc. with the stiffest fine ever imposed...
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In a rare, large consensus, more than 100 scientists unite to say expanding tar sands will be catastrophic for the climate and environment.
More than 100 North American scientists released a consensus statement on Wednesday concluding that...
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The $4 million settlement does not resolve any possible penalties in connection with the federal Clean Water Act.
Enbridge Inc. has reached another settlement in connection with its massive oil pipeline spill into...
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