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Tar Sands/Oil Sands

The oil industry is hoping to shift the geopolitical center of global oil production to Canada’s boreal forests, home of vast deposits of oil sands, also called tar sands. Environmentalists and First Nations contend it’s a dirty, carbon- and water-intensive business, while proponents of development tout energy security benefits. We’re covering the battle here.

If confirmed, Dominguez would take over an underfunded, understaffed and beleaguered agency that has faced criticism of cozy ties with industry.
The nomination of Marie Therese Dominguez, President Obama's pick to lead the federal agency that...
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Critics say the money isn’t enough to make up for damage from the Kalamazoo spill, but state officials are pleased.
Oil pipeline giant Enbridge, Inc. has agreed to a $75 million settlement with the state of Michigan...
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Enbridge wants to triple the volume of oil it pumps through Dane County, which wants a $25 million safety net.
Pipeline giant Enbridge, Inc., is in a standoff with a Wisconsin zoning committee over the company'...
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League of Conservations Voters' scorecard underlines partisan divide that defines Capitol Hill on climate change and energy.
Thirty-seven Republican senators voted against protecting the environment 19 different times—every...
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For a step so critical to the Keystone pipeline's outcome, the determination of national interest is profoundly opaque.
Six years, two environmental reviews, one presidential delay, two Nebraska trials and innumerable...
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Nebraska Supreme Court approves pipeline route––which now takes a detour through Washington­­––on its way from Canada to Texas.
The Nebraska Supreme Court on Friday upheld the Keystone XL pipeline's route through the state—...
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New pipelines, power plants and export facilities would lock in carbon emissions for another generation and continue the dominance of fossil fuels.
As almost 200 countries try to work out an agreement in 2015 to slash carbon emissions, the U.S....
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As the new Congress prepares legislation to approve the pipeline and force Obama's hand, we are reissuing Keystone and Beyond and making it free.
Editor's note: Keystone and Beyond: Tar Sands and the National Interest in the Era of Climate...
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TransCanada's pipeline to the Atlantic coast is its best, and maybe only, hope for bringing landlocked tar sands oil to world markets.
After TransCanada proposed its Energy East tar sands pipeline, the energy giant tapped the world's...
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An ICN reader on the nation's biggest energy and climate fight.
The Keystone XL tar sands pipeline is back in full force. The U.S. House tried for the ninth time...
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