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Water and Oceans

The capacity of the seas to absorb carbon has reached a limit, and acidification is threatening the ocean food chain. Fresh water sources, too, are under great pressure from climate disruption. The specter of hunger and thirst is haunting scientists, as unprepared communities face water management challenges as never before.

Ocean temperature fluctuations have slowed, a new study says, with an extended warm period in the N. Pacific causing a massive shift in marine life.
Warm sea temperatures are persisting in the North Pacific longer than at any other time on record,...
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A decade later, many still wrestle with staying home vs. leaving—a decision millions more will face along the coasts as seas rise, storms intensify.
One month after Hurricane Katrina tore through the Gulf Coast of Louisiana in 2005, Colette Pichon...
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New study gives California crisis managers something else to worry about: evapotranspiration.
As California’s four-year drought has drinking and groundwater reserves at dangerously low levels,...
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Without reducing emissions, carbon removal schemes will not undo the damage climate change is doing to the oceans by increasing their acidity.
Waiting to tackle ocean acidification caused by climate change through yet-to-be developed...
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As Arctic ice dwindles, theories that polar bears can adapt their fat-heavy diet are debunked in a new paper.
Scientists studying the effects of Arctic melting have found themselves in what you could call the...
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Yellowstone River becomes a mystifying mix of oil, ice and water; pipeline company trucks in 10,000 gallons of water a day for town of 6,000.
This article has been updated on Jan. 22 at 4:00 PM to reflect more recent estimates on the maximum...
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An American admiral is in line to lead the eight-nation Arctic Council as a climate steward and a caretaker of the ocean.
This year is expected to bring a breakthrough for global climate action—and that includes the...
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Legislators want to strengthen regulations to protect the state's water supplies from oil spills, but they are powerless.
LITTLE ROCK, Ark.—Arkansas state legislators leery of lax federal oversight of oil pipelines have...
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The burst pipeline runs through a golf course, a berry farm, a daycare center, rivers. People along the route wonder, What if it had happened to us?
This is Part 1 of a series looking at the people and scenery along the route of ExxonMobil’s...
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Once black with oil, the Kalamazoo River runs clear now. But EPA orders dredging and says it will be years before the spill's long-term effects are known.
The Kalamazoo River near Marshall, Mich. is a place of serenity these days. It ripples lazily past...
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