Why You're Needed

Journalism is a collective, collaborative and social enterprise. Media organizations rely on each other to give democracy its full voice, and together provide daily evidence that the right to free speech is alive and well.

Yet free speech depends on sources—people like you—who can speak to us and be heard. Without individuals speaking freely with each other and to the press, there is neither journalism nor democracy.

Some constraint on free speech might be sensible—in the famous formulation, you can't falsely shout "Fire!" in a crowded theater and cause a panic. But what if you actually did see a fire?

There are many fires that are burning in secret all around us. They will never be discovered in time unless an individual like you says something. 

How to Contact Us

You can contact any of us by email. Our email addresses are listed in our bios on this web site, or you can use the contact form.

Most of us also have a public key, which you can look up here, through which we can receive encrypted email, but please be aware that no digital communication technology can be considered permanently private anymore.

If you want to reach us anonymously and securely, we recommend using old fashioned postal mail. It is the best way, because a warrant is needed to open U.S. postal mail.  If you really want to play it safe, mail your letter or package without a return address from an unfamiliar sidewalk box instead of going to a post office.

Mail us hard copy documents or digital media like CDs and thumb drives. Please include an explanation of what you are sending us and why it is important for the public to see.

Our mailing address is:

InsideClimate News

16 Court Street, Suite 2307

Brooklyn, NY 11241


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