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(David Sassoon)

Loves to drink light coffee. She dips her paw into unattended mugs, licks it dry. In fact a scientific experiment, presented at a fifth grade poster session, once proved that she likes to drink coffee with half-and-half more than coffee alone or half-and-half alone. Now at the advanced age of 16, she's still a good mouser.

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Joni Mitchell the Dog

Joni Mitchell

(Stacy Feldman)

Joni Mitchell the Dog was born in September 2013 in a village in northern Israel. A greyhound-pinscher mix, Joni has stilt legs that cause her to resemble a deer. She loves wrestling with pals in the park, licking the faces of anyone who lets her, chasing flies and bathing in patches of sunlight. She hates long walks on the beach because she's afraid of water.

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(Sabrina Shankman)

A handsome but ferocious Maine Coon Cat who hails from South Boston but currently lives in Maine. He is a lover of snacks and cuddles, the nemesis of exposed ankles, and a vanquisher of mice and birds.

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(John H. Cushman Jr.)

Rescued from a shelter in W Va and now living the good life in a major metropolitan area.

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Eleanor Roosevelt

(Neela Banerjee)

Eleanor Roosevelt came to our household on May 3, 2015 at 10 weeks old from the good folks at Mid Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue. She was born on Presidents Day, Feb. 22, because her mom, the remarkable and mysterious Frenchy, was already pregnant when she arrived at the rescue group. Hence Eleanor's executive branch name. 

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The Doctor

(Paul Horn)

The Doctor is a brilliant and charismatic three-year-old McNab shepherd mix who faithfully defends the Earth against hostile forces from the Dark Dimension (i.e. the postman).

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(Sam Hoisington)

Phillip Edward Hoisington is a native of Missouri, but now lives in Washington, D.C. He is decidedly domesticated and prefers to spend nearly all of his time cuddled up inside. A highly social and affable pup, Phillip would be thrilled to make your acquaintance. But please note that, as of October 2018, he has yet to learn to "shake."

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