CREDO Mobile

CREDO Mobile
Most companies go into business to make money. Thirty-two years ago, CREDO went into business to make change. It is America's only progressive phone company. CREDO brings social change through everyday acts of commerce. We share a portion of revenue with progressive non-profits that our customers choose through a monthly vote.

Every one of our customers is a philanthropist. Whenever CREDO customers use our mobile or long distance services they contribute to our mission of progressive social action. Our customers have voted to distribute money to nonprofit groups working on key issues such as women's rights, the environment, peace and social justice. We are a premiere customer services company woven together with activism and philanthropy.

Since 1985 we've donated over $81 million to progressive nonprofits, and we've built a network of over 4.4 million activists advocating for causes we believe in.

We give consumers a powerful alternative to doing business with huge corporations whose conduct is antithetical to the political, environmental and social values we share.

CREDO is a tireless advocate for our progressive members and their values around equality and social justice.

  • Through our CREDO Action community we direct millions of signatures, emails and calls to politicians and other key decision-makers on strategic campaigns. ¬†
  • Through CREDO Mobilize, any member can create and run their own petition through our people-powered platform with tools and resources from CREDO Action.

Be an agent of change, visit us online or call us at 877-762-7336.

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