Scientists Gather Outside Natural History Museum

ICN's John H. Cushman Jr. follows a group of varied scientists (paleontologists, entomologists, meteorologists) prepping for the People's Climate March.

ICN is live-blogging the People's Climate March. Here's a field update from 10:40 AM. 

NEW YORK CITY, New York—Scientists are convening at the Natural History Museum ahead of today's People's Climate March. In the crowd, there are people who study past geologic time (paleontologists), people who study fish (ichthyologists), those who study bugs (entomologists), and weather forecasters and experts (meteorologists).  

"The thing about climate science is that the evidence for climate change comes across the scientific disciplines. So [the science community is] having no difficulty getting a big group of climate scientists here today at this march," reports John Cushman Jr. in his video of the event.  

Watch his entire segment below.

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