April 12, 2018

Japan Energy Panel Sees Role for Nuclear in 2050 Emissions Targets

An influential Japanese energy panel says it wants to reduce dependence on nuclear power and shift from coal to natural gas and renewables. It also says it's open to building nuclear plants to help the nation meet long-term emissions targets, despite public opposition since the Fukushima disaster.

April 11, 2018

April 10, 2018

Land of Lincoln Chases Low‑Income Solar Access

Illinois is trying to address concerns about ensuring that clean energy is for everyone: the state's renewable energy procurement plan sets aside $30 million for a program that requires regulators to get renewable energy credits for solar projects to serve low-income consumers.

April 9, 2018

April 6, 2018

April 5, 2018

China, Solar Led Record Renewables Investment in 2017

Renewable energy sources made up a record 61 percent of net power generation capacity added worldwide in 2017, according to a new report from the UN and Bloomberg New Energy Finance. China added 53 gigawatts of solar, enough capacity to power more than 38 million homes.

Illinois Approves Path to 25% Renewable Energy by 2025

The Illinois Commerce Commission has finalized the state's renewable energy procurement plan, which includes getting 25 percent of state energy from renewable sources by 2025. The plan includes community and distributed solar and a focus on municipal and rural cooperative electric cooperatives.

Vestas Taps Car Battery Know-How for Wind Power Storage

The world's largest maker of wind turbines is tapping the car battery industry's experience to help wind and solar energy meet a growing share of power demand. It's partnering with Sweden's Northvolt, headed by a former Tesla executive, to develop a lithium-ion battery for power plants of the future.

Google Says It’s the Biggest Corporate Buyer of Renewable Energy on the Planet

Google reports its total purchase of energy from renewable sources last year was greater than the electricity used by its global operations. It says for every kilowatt-hour of electricity it used, the company bought a kilowatt-hour of energy from a solar or wind farm built for it. The tech giant has contracts to buy 3 gigawatts of power from renewable energy projects.

April 4, 2018

EPA Gives Giant Refiner a 'Hardship' Waiver from Regulation

The EPA has exempted one of the nation's largest oil refiners, Andeavor, from complying with biofuels regulations requiring them to blend biofuels such as ethanol into gasoline or purchase credits from those who do. The decision raises questions about other oil companies that have or could receive the waivers, which are often granted by the agency in secret.

April 3, 2018

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