September 12, 2018

September 11, 2018

Microgrids Ready to Go to Work on North Carolina's Outer Banks

Some communities on North Carolina's Outer Banks have prepared for storm-related utility failures by creating microgrids that include solar panels and batteries. Diesel generators remain the main back-up energy source there, but renewable energy and batteries are gaining attention in many places.

Big Oil Aims to Exploit Brazil's Sun and Wind Along with Crude

Major oil companies are increasingly investing in wind and solar energy in Brazil. In recent weeks, Royal Dutch Shell, Total and Equinor have made announcements on Brazilian renewables which could double wind and solar's share of the country's energy mix to 18 percent by 2026, according to a government energy research office.

September 10, 2018

Solar Farms Without Subsidy Sprout from Britain to Italy

At least 15 solar farm projects are underway from Italy to the United Kingdom that are not relying on subsidies to make a profit, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Prices for renewables have dropped to the point that they are competitive with fossil fuels in many places.

Scotland’s Oil Hub Embraces Green Energy

The Scottish National Party says renewable energy can be a key part of a stable economy for Scotland, particularly if it decides to leave the United Kingdom. Scotland's leader Nicola Sturgeon was on hand for the launch of a wind energy project that boasts the world's most powerful turbines.

Germany Drives Onshore Wind Growth in Northwest Europe

Germany last year led the way to record gains in onshore wind installations in Northern and Western Europe, according to a new report. Germany, the United Kingdom and France all saw major growth in onshore wind, some of it as developers rushed to finish projects ahead of changes in subsidies.

September 6, 2018

Electric Vehicle Sales Surge in UK as Fuel Prices Rise

Sales of electric vehicles hit another record high last month in Britain, accounting for one in every 12 new cars purchased, up substantially from a year earlier. The boom in plug-in vehicle sales is happening as the costs of gasoline and diesel continue to rise, with prices hitting their highest levels since 2014.

Tomorrow’s Batteries Could Be Made of Paper

Scientists have developed a way to make batteries from paper using a method that could replace some of the functions of small disposable batteries and reduce electronic waste. Researchers from Binghamton University in New York say their "paper-based microbial" battery technology may one day be used for low-cost, low-power applications.

September 5, 2018

China’s Solar Giants Are Doubling Down

The top solar manufacturers in China are boosting production capacity, betting higher output will help them seize a bigger chunk of the global market, despite the country's own cuts to domestic subsidies that are expected to lower market growth there.

A Plug-Free Way to Fill the World with Electric Vehicles?

Vehicle-charging startup Hevo is developing a system in which electric cars park over a wireless charging system and get electricity transferred through an electromagnetic field. Brooklyn-based Hevo has raised $4.5 billion and is working with major automakers and energy companies to develop the system.

A Solar-Paneled German Car Aims to Make Your Daily Commute Free

German startup Sono Motors is testing what it says will be the first affordable electric car that gets some of its power from solar panels. The Sion EV, scheduled to go on sale next year, has 330 solar cells on its roof, sides and rear. Its estimated range, 155 miles on a charge, would be boosted by solar.

Delhi Backs Incentives for Clean Energy Switch to Combat Pollution

Officials in Delhi, India, have approved measures to encourage businesses to use clean energy, part of an attempt to improve air quality in one of the world's most polluted cities. The city government says the plan includes financial incentives for restaurants to switch to electric or gas tandoor ovens instead of coal, among other provisions.

September 4, 2018

Europe on the Cusp of a Corporate Clean Energy Revolution

A European wind industry trade group says the region is on the verge of a boom in corporate renewable energy purchases, and it's helping fill a void left by drops in government subsidies. Because of falling subsidies, project developers are increasingly looking for corporate investors to move to construction. 

August 31, 2018

Low-Cost, Printable Solar Panels?

An Australian physicist is running the first commercial test of a type of printed solar panel that's less than a millimeter thick, uses double-sided sticky tape and can be produced for less than $10 per square meter. It's not as efficient as silicone and degrades faster but has lower production and installation costs.

South Africa's Energy Plan Drops Nuclear in Favor of Renewables

South Africa's Department of Energy announced approval this week of a draft plan that, through 2030, would add more than 15 gigawatts of new renewable energy capacity, 8 gigawatts of natural gas, and no new nuclear — a shift away from earlier discussions of several new nuclear plants. It also includes about 1 gigawatt of new coal, which would still be its largest power source. 

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