July 25, 2018

Carbon-Free Electricity Possible by 2050 on Midwest Grid, Study Says

A group of Midwestern utilities, regulators and environmental groups say it is possible with existing technology for electricity generation to be carbon-free by 2050. A new report focuses on the Midcontinent Independent System Operator grid region to show how an area that now gets 77 percent of its electricity from coal and natural gas can shift to renewables, nuclear and gas with carbon capture technology.

July 24, 2018

July 23, 2018

Heat Wave Puts Texas Power Grid to the Test

Houston has topped 99 degrees every day since July 16, it's expected to hit 101 today, and the power grid keeps breaking records. Despite the retirement of three big coal plants, ERCOT has said it expects to be able to manage tight reserves and maintain system reliability this summer. Texas has more wind power than any other state.

Rhode Island to Encourage Solar on Developed Lands

Rhode Island officials are expanding access to tax incentives to encourage solar development on brownfields, rooftops and carports. The Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources said the new initiatives will help expand access to renewable energy by focusing on underutilized spaces.

Vast Solar Power Plant in UAE Gets Major Boost from Chinese Fund

China's Silk Road Fund is acquiring a 24 percent stake in a planned solar farm in the United Arab Emirates, bolstering the project's finances. The 700 megawatt project is the fourth phase of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, which would be the largest single-site solar farm on the planet, with 5,000 megawatts planned by 2030.

July 20, 2018

Goldman Sachs Projects Deeper Solar Slump This Year

Goldman Sachs is projecting that global solar installations will decrease by 24 percent this year, well over the 3 percent drop forecast by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Goldman expects China's decision to reduce utility-scale development to wipe away about 20 gigawatts of anticipated projects.

July 18, 2018

Ruling Could Put Major Wind Power Transmission Line Back on Track

The long-stalled proposal for a multi-state transmission line to carry wind power from Kansas eastward could be back on track, though it still faces some resistance. The Missouri Supreme Court unanimously ruled that state regulators erred in rejecting Clean Line Energy's proposed 780-mile Grain Belt Express. Missouri is the only state along its path that has not granted approval.

IEA: Global Investment in Renewables Falls

The International Energy Agency says global investment in renewable energy fell 7 percent last year. Investment in coal power dropped, but was offset by an increase in oil and natural gas, according to the World Energy Investment report. The decline in renewables was mostly in wind and hydropower, while solar investment increased.

EU Electric-Car Sales Still Growing, But Pace Has Slowed

Sales growth has slowed for electric and plug-in hybrid cars in the major EU markets, in part because the charging network is still spotty, but it's still up 33 percent in the past six months compared to last year, a new report says. Last year, the increase was 54 percent, closer to what policymakers would like to see as they try to meet standards for cutting carbon emissions.

Will Green Roofs Get the Green Light in New York City?

A bill being introduced in the New York City Council would require green roofs, solar power or wind power technology on new skyscrapers. The aim is to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. The new measure would apply to commercial and industrial spaces. Previously introduced bills cover homes and community sites like schools.

This Island Nation Is Planning a Fast Shift to Renewables

The Pacific island nation of Palau is trying to shift to 100 percent renewable energy in the next year and a half, part of a plan to move away from the pollution and high costs of diesel. The transition will be done without government money thanks in large part to support from the founder of the Earth X energy conference.

July 17, 2018

Monster Solar Project Planned Near Las Vegas

A developer has released plans for what likely would be the largest, single-site solar farm in the country, with 690 megawatts of capacity located about 25 miles northeast of Las Vegas. The developer, Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners, does not yet have buyers in line for the power, but casino owners have been seeking renewable energy contracts outside the utilities.

Buoy to Scout Way for New Jersey Offshore Wind Energy Farm

A Danish wind energy company is launching a research buoy off Atlantic City, New Jersey, to measure wind, wave and weather conditions at the potential site for an offshore wind farm. It's an indication of projects underway toward meeting Gov. Phil Murphy's goal of 3,500 megawatts of offshore wind by 2030, one of the most ambitious in the country.

This Island Has Become a Lab for Making Microgrids Work

An island off the coast of Maine is embracing solar power and batteries for its microgrid and moving away from fossil fuels. The island's grid, which does not have a power connection to the mainland, could provide lessons about how best to develop grids that have little if any need for fossil fuels.

July 16, 2018

How to Get to 100 Percent Renewable Energy

New research released at a national solar conference shows potential approaches for getting the eastern U.S. and other temperate regions to 100 percent renewable energy, or at least very close. One report forecasts a cost of 3.6 cents per kilowatt-hour.

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