March 14, 2018

Add Cow Manure to Your List of Renewable Energy Sources

Some farms are trying to create power from massive amounts of cow manure using anaerobic digester systems. Scientists are studying ways to make the biogas process more efficient so they can produce natural gas that could be stored and used as a battery, while lowering carbon emissions.

March 13, 2018

March 12, 2018

Nation’s Grid Operators File Comments to FERC on Grid Resilience

Regional grid operators have filed their first comments with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, detailing their efforts to enhance the U.S. power grid and asking for clarification on resilience and transmission planning. PJM Interconnection also asked FERC to direct operators to update compensation for power plants that reflect their resilience efforts.

U.S. Wind Industry Frets as Major Transmission Lines Stall

The 780-mile Grain Belt Express, a wind power transmission line stretching from western Kansas to Indiana, may have another chance at life after a Missouri judge ruled that the state's utility commission "erred" in denying the project and asked the state Supreme Court to decide. The line has approvals in all the states it would cross except Missouri.

France to Commit 700 Million Euros to International Solar Alliance

French President Emmanuel Macron says his country will triple its commitment to the International Solar Alliance to 700 million euros (over $860 million). The alliance is an intergovernmental organization that aims to mobilize $1 trillion in funds for future solar generation, storage and technology.

March 8, 2018

March 7, 2018

California Sets Two New Solar Records

On Sunday, March 4, the California Independent System Operator saw an all-time peak percentage of demand served by solar: 49.95 percent at 12:58 p.m. A day later, the operator saw another record: solar production hit 10,411 megawatts.

March 6, 2018

Tough Talk as Oklahoma's Wind Industry Becomes a Political Target

Oklahoma has become a political battleground over wind energy. Many landowners, school districts and local governments are enjoying the revenue wind energy brings, but fossil fuel interests and some lawmakers are fighting rising incentives given to the wind industry. Read more from ICN on how fossil fuel interests worked to undermine political support for renewable energy in Ohio.

March 5, 2018

Here’s the World’s Most Powerful Wind Turbine

GE Renewable Energy has announced what it calls the world's most powerful wind turbine: the 12 megawatt Haliade-X, which is 853 feet tall and has 45 percent more capacity than standard 8 MW turbines, according to GE. The company says it's due for commercial operation in 2021.

March 1, 2018

New Jersey Powers Up Plan for Offshore Wind Energy

New Jersey's Board of Public Utilities has approved a plan to implement Gov. Phil Murphy's executive order to prepare the state for offshore wind developments. It is preparing to solicit 1,100 megawatts of projects, enough to power about 540,000 homes.

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