InsideClimate News reporters investigate the role that people, companies and other groups have played opposing or delaying action on climate change.

PART 1 - A series of articles on American oil companies and whether their track records on shareholder resolutions on climate change expose them to legal liabilities.

Exxon's Gamble: 25 Years of Rejecting Shareholder Concerns on Climate Change

For a quarter-century, stockholders have asked Exxon to confront the threat of climate change in all sorts of ways: by investing in renewable energy, cutting harmful emissions, providing carbon risk assessments and adding a board member with climate expertise. Year after year, the oil giant has said no, rejecting shareholders' requests and downplaying their concerns long after scientists concluded that unfettered burning of fossil fuels is leading to catastrophic climate change. Read story >>









Exxon's 25 Years of 'No:' A Timeline of Resolutions on Climate Change

A narrative chronology and detailed spreadsheet examine Exxon's refusal to support dozens of shareholder resolutions on climate change since 1990. Read story >>









Spreadsheet: 25 Years of Rejecting Shareholders Concerns on Climate Change

Examine the data>>

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