In this ongoing series, InsideClimate News examines the reasons for coal's bleak future, the battles lines being drawn for and against it and what energy sources will likely replace the fossil fuel.

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EPA's Mercury Regulations Blocked by Supreme Court

A 5-4 decision chides the agency for not considering the costs of regulating emissions from coal plants.








Coal Industry Lobbies White House to Back Off on New Power Plant Rules

Urging a retreat from costly emissions-cutting technology, coal advocates offer less-stringent approach.









Aid Package for Coal Country Goes Ignored by Congress

President Obama's $3 billion plan called 'cold comfort' by Republican leaders, who haven't allocated it to help coal-dependent communities.








Virginia, Coal Country for Centuries, Now Embraces Carbon Regulations

The state has been moving away from coal-fired electricity for the past decade, and the effects of climate change already has its attention.

49 States Making Plans for EPA Carbon Rule—Even the Ones That Hate It

Twelve states have sued the EPA, 12 others have created legislative hurdles. Still, most are planning to meet EPA's carbon reduction targets.

Coal Industry Fighting for Survival on 7 Fronts

The 'war on coal' started long before Obama took office to control the costly and deadly health impacts of an otherwise cheap and abundant fuel.









Kentucky May Accidentally Comply With EPA's Clean Power Plan

As coal-fired power plants in the state continue to close, Kentucky closes in on reaching federal clean-air standards it resists.

Clean Power Plan Projection: Coal Use Would Drop Sharply and Quickly

Under the proposed federal regulations, coal production would plummet, the Energy Information Administration says.









With Huge Coal Ash Fines, Justice Dept. Puts Industry on Notice

In contrast to weak EPA regulations, recent ruling takes a strong stand on mishandling of coal ash by utility giant Duke Energy.









Coal Faces Three Hurdles and Steady Decline, Projections Show

Coal's future as a major energy source is being undermined by market forces, government regulations and moral arguments.







► Related Stories

Coal Faces a Day of Reckoning in New Mexico

Decision over the future of the San Juan coal plant could reverberate through the entire coal industry and could also steer debate over renewables.









 Obama's Proposed Rule Could Mean Mining Public-Land Coal for Free

The federal plan to fix loopholes that allow coal companies to skimp on royalties might create a sinkhole instead.









Judges Greet Early Challenge to EPA Rule With Skepticism

Appeals panel appears unlikely to block the Clean Power Plan before it is final, as sought by industry and several states.







EPA's Clean Power Plan Will Create Quarter-Million Jobs

New study shows that job gains, not the losses the industry predicted, would follow if new carbon rules are implemented.









Why States Rejecting EPA's Clean Power Plan Could Face Bigger Rate Hikes

If the EPA is forced to impose a federal plan, it's going to limit options and be bad news for customers in that state.

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