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Caught off Guard


  • Nicholas Kusnetz
    @nkus 10 hours 21 min ago
    This is what it's coming to: Scientists come up with a plan to wall of the entire North Sea as sea levels rise.
  • Nicholas Kusnetz
    @nkus 10 hours 24 min ago
    A "charity" tied to Trump is holding rallies in black communities promoting the president's policies and handing ou…
  • David Hasemyer
    @DavidHasemyer 10 hours 51 min ago
    RT : These parents have turned to activism. “I am angry thinking about the fact that after everything we’ve been through…
  • InsideClimate News
    @insideclimate 11 hours 6 sec ago
    Disillusioned by what he saw as the selling out of academia to fossil fuel interests and spurred on by his students…
  • Nicholas Kusnetz
    @nkus 11 hours 14 min ago
    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo pledged $1 billion in financing to European countries for energy security. That cou…
  • InsideClimate News
    @insideclimate 11 hours 40 min ago
    More than 9 million square miles of land could become arable as the climate warms. But if pushed into cultivation,…
  • David Hasemyer
    @DavidHasemyer 11 hours 44 min ago
    RT : A growing body of research has scientists worrying about the threat global warming poses for animal life on earth.…
  • InsideClimate News
    @insideclimate 12 hours 6 sec ago
    Mike Bloomberg has devoted a portion of his $54 billion fortune to help shut down fossil fuel plants. He's also por…
  • InsideClimate News
    @insideclimate 12 hours 30 min ago
    What have the residents of South Portland, Maine, learned since discovering a company that runs giant petroleum sto…
  • InsideClimate News
    @insideclimate 13 hours 6 sec ago
    Tardigrades, also known as water bears or moss piglets, are known for their hardy nature, surviving extreme cold—ev…
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