Institute for Environmental Journalism Summer 2020

Inside Clean Energy


  • InsideClimate News
    @insideclimate 7 hours 16 min ago
    Gyres are large systems of rotating ocean currents that shape weather conditions, move heat around the globe and he…
  • Marianne Lavelle
    @mlavelles 7 hours 18 min ago
    RT : When the polio vaccine had been proven safe and effective, Jonas Salk was asked who owned the patent. “Well ... th…
  • InsideClimate News
    @insideclimate 7 hours 51 min ago
    Ride-hailing services emit 69 percent more carbon dioxide than the other modes of transportation they displace, a n…
  • InsideClimate News
    @insideclimate 10 hours 6 min ago
    The city of Oulu, Finland, is shrouded in darkness during the much of the winter. But it also sees some of the plan…
  • InsideClimate News
    @insideclimate 15 hours 56 min ago
    Falling prices are prompting Europe’s Nordic countries to adopt solar in ways once thought impossible. "It's possib…
  • InsideClimate News
    @insideclimate 16 hours 56 min ago
    The 40 million people who rely on Colorado River water need to prepare for a drier future. Global warming is shrink…
  • InsideClimate News
    @insideclimate 18 hours 6 min ago
    A Canadian company cancelled a proposed oil sands mine, acknowledging that investors are looking for ways to reconc…
  • InsideClimate News
    @insideclimate 18 hours 36 min ago
    The world’s major wind-driven ocean currents, or gyres, are shifting toward the poles. That has potentially dire co…
  • InsideClimate News
    @insideclimate 19 hours 6 min ago
    As the popularity of ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft soars, so do the companies’ carbon emissions. A new r…
  • InsideClimate News
    @insideclimate 19 hours 36 min ago
    New York has one of the most ambitious plans to transition to a green economy and reduce its carbon emissions. But…
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