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Meltdown: Terror at the Top of the World

A riveting new e-book

about the battle between man, beast and Nature

in a warming world

NEW YORK, NOV. 12, 2014—A riveting new e-book to be released tomorrow (11/13/14) by InsideClimate News tells the story of seven American hikers who went on a wilderness adventure into Canada's Arctic tundra—polar bear country—and came back with a tale of terror.

Called Meltdown: Terror at the Top of the World, the e-book tells the story of the hikers' harrowing encounter with a polar bear; of the plight of the polar bear in general, facing starvation and extinction as the sea ice melts and its habitat disappears; and of the Arctic meltdown, the leading edge of man-made climate change.

"The hikers generously entrusted us with their searing personal experiences, and many of the world's leading polar bear scientists shared their expertise as well," said David Sassoon, publisher of InsideClimate News. "Those of us reading Meltdown with a full stomach, in the warmth and safety of human civilization should not feel immune from this tale of terror. The climate change that is thawing the Arctic is upon us all, wherever we may be."

Meltdown is based on lengthy interviews with the seven hikers as well as almost two dozen of the world's experts on polar bears and sea ice. Author Sabrina Shankman also traveled with Vice Media, InsideClimate News' partner in this project, to report first-hand from the site where the hikers pitched their tents on their first three nights in the wilderness.

Vice Media will be publishing a book excerpt and will air a documentary video produced in collaboration with ICN starting in late November. Meltdown will also be available as a Kindle Single on Amazon and offered through ICN's multi-media book app, ICN Books, as well.

For more information, or to arrange an interview with Sabrina Shankman, contact ICN's media coordinator Zahra Hirji at (202) 352-0557 or

About InsideClimate News

InsideClimate News is a non-profit, non-partisan news organization that covers clean energy, carbon energy, nuclear energy and environmental science—plus the territory in between where law, policy and public opinion are shaped. In 2013, InsideClimate News won the Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting for The Dilbit Disaster: Inside the Biggest Oil Spill You've Never Heard Of.

About the Author

Sabrina Shankman joined InsideClimate News in the fall of 2013 as a producer and reporter. Prior to that she worked for 2over10 Media, producing documentaries and interactives for PBS' "Frontline."  In 2012, she produced A Perfect Terrorist: David Coleman Headley's Web of Betrayal, an online interactive that won an Overseas Press Club of America award. Shankman also has reported for ProPublica, the Wall Street Journal and the Associated Press. Her work has been honored by the Society of Professional Journalists and the Society of Environmental Journalists; in 2010, she was a finalist for the Livingston Awards for Young Journalists. Shankman has a master's degree in journalism from UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism.

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