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Richard H. Baker Deposition: FTC v. Exxon Corporation (1980)

Richard H. Baker was hired by Electric Vehicle Control Systems in November 1976 as a full-time consultant. Baker had developed an alternating current synthesizer, or ACS, which the company used in its hybrid gas-electric vehicle prototype in the 1970s.

To commercialize Baker's ACS technology, the company bought Reliance Electric in 1979. The Federal Trade Commission filed an anti-trust lawsuit against Exxon to block the acquisition of Reliance. 

In 1980, Baker was deposed in Washington D.C. as part of the FTC's suit.

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Outline of Possible Interpretative Release by States' Attorneys General Under The Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (Draft by Bevis Longstreth)

"The approach that institutional investors should take towards investing in the fossil fuel industry and in industries affected by climate change is a question of pressing concern...There is a need for interpretative guidance for fiduciaries subject to the Act as to how the duty of prudence should be exercised with respect to the rapidly growing climate change risks to the coal, oil, gas and other fossil fuel industries as well as to industries significantly dependent on such sources of energy."


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Logsdon Paper (1985)

A 1985 paper by Jeanne Logsdon on how the oil industry is responding to air pollution issues.

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Jenkins Speech (1952)

A speech given by Smokes and Fumes secretary Vance Jenkins at the API annual meeting in 1952.

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Stewart Speech (1951)

Speech by Smoke and Fumes Committee Chairman W.L. Stewart at the API annual meeting in 1951.

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SRI Booklet (1951-1952)

A Stanford Research Institute booklet on air pollution research from Jan. 1951 through June 1952.

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Beckman Speech (2000)

Speech by Caltech chemist Arnold Beckman, as read by Zus Haagen-Smit in her oral history.

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Haagen-Smit Smog Article (1950)

An article by Arie Jan Haagen-Smit, published in December 1950, concerning the possible causes of smog in Los Angeles.

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