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MacCracken Letter to Exxon (2002)

In 2002, Michael MacCracken, the government's top climate scientist, wrote ExxonMobil's board chairman a scathing letter about the company's stance on climate science.

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McCarthy Exxon Statement (2007)

James McCarthy, a Harvard scientist,  board member of the Union of Concerned Scientists and president-elect of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, testified in 2007 about Exxon's campaign of uncertainty at a congressional hearing.

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Gilbert Gervasi's Natuna CO2 Calculations (1981)

After examining a colleague's estimates of the CO2 that might be released from the Natuna gas field, Gervasi, the Natuna project manager, produced "more rigorous" calculations of the project's CO2 footprint.

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CO2 Sparging Report (1984)

Exxon Corporate Research investigates bubbling CO2 from the Natuna gas field into the ocean to prevent its release into the atmosphere.

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Exxon Modeling (1982)

Presentation by Andrew Callegari on Exxon modeling results that reject Reginald Newell's conclusions.

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