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"Consensus" on CO2 Impacts (1982)

Exxon's Roger Cohen says there's a "consensus" that a doubling of atmospheric CO2 concentrations will result in an average global temperature increase of roughly 3C.

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Probable Legislation Memo (1979)

Exxon scientist Henry Shaw tells his boss there is "a good probability" that CO2 legislation will eventually be passed.

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Letters to Senior VPs (1980)

Exxon scientists update Senior Vice Presidents M.E.J. O'Loughlin and George T. Piercy on the status of their CO2 research.

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Presentation to NOAA (1979)

Exxon and Columbia University scientists present their CO2 research plan to NOAA scientist Lester Machta.

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"Worldwide" R&D Memo (1978)

Exxon's Harold Weinberg proposes some "grandiose thoughts" on how Exxon might research the "CO2 problem."

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Government Meeting Memo (1977)

Exxon scientist Henry Shaw summarizes a government meeting he attended, on the "global environmental effects of carbon dioxide."

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Exxon CO2 Primer (1982)

This document describes the state of the science on the greenhouse effect was widely circulated among Exxon management.

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