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African Elephant

As the climate heats up, African Elephants' long generation time and need for fresh water puts them at risk.

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Arctic Shrew

Climate change arctic shrew range

Arctic shrews may be small, but the way they respond to climate change has implications for all species. 

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Asian Elephant

Asian Elephants are already endangered

Asian elephants once roamed across much of Asia. Already their habitat has shrunk, and it's about to get worse.

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Bats of the Brazilian Cerrado

Bats of the Brazilian Cerrado

By 2050, the bats of the Brazilian Cerrado will have to move 175 miles to find a suitable home. But can they?

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Beluga Whale

Beluga climate change endangered Arctic range shift

With Arctic sea ice at historically low levels, Beluga whales are re-routing their migration paths, increasingly facing their nemesis: killer whales.

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Giant Panda

Giant pandas climate change extinction range

Giant pandas eat 20-40 lbs of bamboo each day. If bamboo can't survive climate change, can pandas?

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Lemur pile

With climate change, the already vulnerable lemurs of Madagascar will see their ranges shrink—or disappear.

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Mountain Gorilla

A mountain gorilla in the wild

The habitat of the critically endangered mountain gorilla is already small. Climate change is shrinking it further.

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Polar Bear

Polar bear habitat is disappearing from climate change

Polar bears evolved uniquely to thrive on Arctic sea ice. As their habitat disappears, where will they go?

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Ringed Seal

Ringed seal climate change Arctic sea ice

Ringed seals' lives are tied to Arctic sea ice, which means their future is in peril.

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Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard

Climate change is pushing humans into snow leopard territory, threatening the already-endangered species.

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